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Extension Golden Man Trail
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Extension Golden Man Trail

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Information about the extension/completion:

The Golden Man Trail gains a new element, that can’t be missed: the large-size head of the Golden Man. Can you see it?

Information about the Golden Man Trail, which was opened in summer 2018:

Hiking giants, greedy gnomes and a golden man, who has been devoured by the mountains of Fiss. Those are the characters of a fairy tale, which takes us back to the time where the legends of about the region started. The chase after the heart of the golden man starts, as young shepherd Fulgenz discovers a piece of gold, while on a trip through the Fiss Mountains. He shares his find with the people down in the valley. After that eerie laughter and cheering sounds can be heard through the quiet and peaceful night. The nasty gnomes are trying to drill through the mountains with hammer and pickaxe. This results in broken trees and scree avalanches, which threaten the inhabitants and their homes. But the people are too afraid of the invisible gnomes to prevent this from happening. Are Fulgenz and his friends able to save the golden man from the greedy gnomes?

11 steps to success

Join Fulgenz and his friends in their mission to put a stop to the works of the greedy gnomes and defeat them with knowledge about nature. 11 educational stops full of surprises are awaiting you on this experience trail. Conquer the dangerous mountain trail and shaking bridge. Follow the eagle to his eyrie. Listen in the ear of the lynx for clues. Spin the pot carrousel until the gnomes get sick. Escape to safety through the slide to the hut. Listen to the hints and advice of the golden man. Sniff out the bait of the gnomes and trap them.
In the end the golden man will be very thankful to you.

App for the Golden Man Way

For the Golden Man Way, there is an app available. The app is an interactive radio play adventure so that the Golden Man Way can be experienced more intense.

Scan the QR Code or download the app on this LINK.

At the moment the App is only available in German. The English version should be ready in the mid of August.

The new trail is suitable for buggies and starts at the Children's Mine. The finish is at the top station of the Almbahn.

Duration with app: about 1,5 hours
Duration without app: about 30 minutes

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