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Powerbank stations in the ski area

Powerbank stations in the ski area



In order to be able to offer guests an even better service, the new service of powerbank stations from the company Chimpy has been set up throughout the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region. The powerbanks can be picked up and borrowed at numerous locations. A return is possible at any Chimpy Point throughout Europe. No app or registration required.

This is how it works:
Scan the QR code at the station
Pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, debit, PayPal or credit card

€ 4.00 Lending fee for one week

At the time of rent, only the lending fee of € 4.00 will be debited. For every additional rental week a late fee of € 2.00 will be charged on your initial payment method until an additional amount of € 15.00 has been reached. Afterwards there will be no more charges. If the € 15.00 has been reached, the power bank is the property of the buyer.

All powerbank stations at a glance.

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Dorfbahnstraße 75
6534 Serfaus
Fisser Bergbahnen GmbH
Seilbahnstraße 44
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