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Activation of the Ski pass

Safe2Ski Check-In

The ski ticket only allows access to the ski area if valid 2G proof is linked to the ski ticket.
This can be done in several ways.

Cash desks
The ticket can be activated when you purchase it at our cash desks.
Requirement: 2G proof

Greenpass checks (terminals at the cash desk areas)
"Greenpass checks" are available directly at our cash desks in our valley stations. Here you can link the ticket quickly and easily with your 2G proof.
Requirement: ticket + 2G proof by using QR code

Web portal
In the web portal (Bergbahnen Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis) the ticket can easily be linked to the 2G proof before arrival.
Requirement: ticket + digital 2G proof

Advance booking offices in hotels and sports shops
When tickets are issued at advance booking offices, the 2G verification is checked directly at the advance booking office.
Requirement: 2G proof

Ticket machines
The ski ticket can be picked up easily and conveniently directly from our ticket machine. The ticket can be linked directly to the 2G proof at the machine.
Requirement: ticket + 2G proof using QR code

Ticket machine locations:
Serfaus: Komperdell cable car valley station (at the cash desk), Serfaus underground station Zentrum (centre), Serfaus underground station Parkplatz (parking area)
Fiss: Entrance to the Edelweiss ski depot, Möseralmbahn valley station / shop, Waldbahn valley station
Ladis: Sonnenbahn valley station

The prerequisite for the link is the consent of the ticket owner to save the validity date of the 2G proof. Without this consent, the ticket will only be activated for the current day. The 2G proof is automatically linked to the ticket and thus functions as a “virtual 2G wristband” for unlimited winter sports enjoyment.

The Green Pass or any other of the following documents are accepted for access:

Evidence of complete immunization

A separation notice or a doctor's confirmation that an infection occurred in the past six months and has currently expired. Please note: Antibody evidence that has been issued six months after the infection has been carried out will no longer be accepted.

If the Safe2Ski Check In field below does not open, please use this link.
Select "Austria" for the country and "Bergbahnen Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis" for the ski resort. Then follow the instructions to activate your ski pass.