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Fiss – Schöngampalm – Alpenrosensteig path – Frommes – Fiss

Starting point: Sägegasse (grid square E2)
Description: Take the Fisser Almweg trail no. 4 (F010) to the Schöngampalm (F039), continue to ascend past the Zirbenhütte (F041), on the Alpenrosensteig path no. 26 (F043) to the Frommessattel (F073), via trail no. 5 to the Frommeskreuz (F071) and return to Fiss (F010). This roundabout trail is also recommended in the reverse direction.


sports Hiking trail, mittelschwierig / Roter Bergweg
difficulty medium
distance 22.7 km
duration 7h
altitude 1068m
highest point 2241m
start Sägegasse in Fiss
endpoint Fiss
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