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Fiss – Seeweg trail – Wiesenweg trail – Fiss

Starting point: Josefskapelle chapel (grid square G3)
Description: An easy but very beautiful roundabout trail through the meadows between Fiss and Ladis. We start the roundabout trail at the Josefskapelle chapel (F001), follow the Seeweg trail until the asphalted part ends. Shortly thereafter at the signpost (F155a), a small trail veers off to the left, on which we reach the Wiesenweg Fiss-Ladis (trail no. 2, F002a) after just a few minutes, in gentle ascent. Along this, we comfortably return to our point of departure in Fiss.


sports Hiking tour, ...
distance 2.42 km
duration 1h
altitude 84m
highest point 1432m
start Josefskapelle
endpoint Josefskapelle
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