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Panorama Genussweg to Ladis (Panorama Enjoyment Trail)

Starting point: Komperdellbahn midway station
Description (to the Möseralm see above): On the Panorama Genussweg (Panorama Enjoyment Trail) to Ladis you will mostly walk on forest- and agricultural roads. Walk on the slightly rising path in the direction of Steinegg (F061), follow the vehicle track no. 9 down towards the Kuhalm until you reach the trail no. 10 (F059), along this trail over the Gample to the Tierlehrpfad (Animal Theme Path, F056) and to the Frommes Alp (F055). Follow the trail no. 6 to Rabuschl (F025) and shortly after you turn right/down (F027) to the lookout at Schönegg (L020). Continue on the trail no. 33 towards the Langenweg trail (F005) and Ladis (L006).


sports Hiking trail, Themenwege, leicht / Wanderweg
difficulty medium
distance 12.68 km
duration 4h
altitude 350m
highest point 1915m
start Komperdellbahn Mittelstation
endpoint Ladis
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