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Panorama Genussweg to Möseralm and Komperdell (Panorama Enjoyment Trail)

Starting point: community hall Ladis town centre (L006) (grid square E3)
Character: This trail leads you over well build agricultural- and forest roads up to the Faltri (F006), Schönegg (L020), Rabuschl (F025) to the Frommes Alp (F055) and continues over the Gample (F057) to the Steinegg (F061) and to the Möseralm (F113) (approx. 3 ¾ hours). From there you can follow a new and beautiful build path which runs partly through the wood but mostly through wonderful blossoming alp fields until you reach the Komperdell (S103) (approx. 5 hours). The lenght of this trail and the altitude differences are the most challenging  points for your condition and your capacity. This track can also be walked stage by stage or reversed from the top to the bottom. In both cases we recommend to take the cable cars and the hikers' bus for the return to easily reach the starting point of the hiking track.
Description: At the Gemeindehaus (L006) in Ladis walk left (Razilweg) and hike along the Langenweg trail 33 up to the crossing in the Edlach forest (F006a) and follow the path to Schönegg (L020, 1 ½ hours). From there take the path no. 6 to Rabuschl (F025) and walk half/right up to Frommes Alp (F055, 2 ¾ hours). At the Tierlehr path (F055) walk flat until you reach the path no. 10 (F056) and from this, take the track over the Gample (F057) until you find the path no. 9 up to Steinegg (F061). Walk down on the Ski path through flower fields down to the Möseralm (F113, 3 ¾ hours). The trail to Komperdell middle station starts right underneath the cable car station, proceeds always flat over alp fields and the rustic Rast wood to the Sunliner mountain station (S055). Continue through the Königsleithe wood over the fields of Serfaus until you are at the Gampen (S081), where we reach after a short ascent the Komperdell (S103, approx. 5 hours).


sports Hiking trail, mittelschwierig / Roter Bergweg
distance 17.82 km
duration 4h
altitude 1176m
highest point 1976m
start Gemeindehaus Ladis
endpoint Möseralm oder Komperdell
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