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Königsleitheweg trail (Leithe Wirt)

Starting point: Sunliner mountain terminal
Description: Downwards the mountain terminal, on the vehicle track, follow the signs "Family Trail" until you reach the crossing in the forest (S051). Take the right trail and after a few metres turn left into a small gravel trail (S050). Follow the trail through the shade offering forest until you reach a glade with a little enjoyment station which allows you to watch the Serfauser Sauser. Following the trail directly leads you to the Leithe Wirt and also to the trail no. 9 or the Thaleweg trail back to Serfaus.


sports Hiking tour, Thematic route
distance 1.53 km
duration 0.75h
altitude 36m
highest point 1825m
start Sunliner
endpoint Leithe Wirt
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