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Schmugglersteig from Lazid to Hexenseehütte

Starting point: Lazidbahn mountain terminal
Walking time: 6 hours (there and back)

Description: Start the exciting hiking tour into the past and experience the tricks and routes of the smugglers from Serfaus vividly. The new Smuggler's trail in Serfaus tells about legendary smuggler kings, secret communication signs, risky but silent rescue operations and the adversities of this hard time. Info terminals allow you to gain an insight into the dangerous smuggler life of that time. Please note the operating times of the cable cars!
Altitude difference in ascent: 460 m there / 220 m back
Altitude difference in descent: 220 m there / 460 m back


sports Hiking tour
difficulty medium
distance 6.5 km
duration 6h
altitude 460m
start Lazidbahn mountain terminal
endpoint Hexenseehütte
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