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Schöngampalm via Fisser Almweg trail

Starting point: The Fisser Almweg trail goes a bit higher than trail no. 3 along the slope above Ladis and leads deep into the Urgtal valley (grid square G1)
Character: Mostly flat and in shaded fir and pine forests.
Walking time: 3,5 hours

Description: The entire course of this trail from Fiss is described in detail under trail no. 4 in the Fiss section of this guide. From Ladis, take the Sonnenbahn (just to the left below the midway station). Just before the Rabuschl (F025, children’s playground with pond and barbecue spot) trail no. 5 comes from Obladis (F023) and crosses trail no. 4. Behind the Rabuschl the Kressbrünnlsteig path no. 36 (F026) and a bit later, forest trail no. 6 from the Schönegg crosses trail no. 4 (F027).


sports Hiking tour
distance 11.35 km
duration 3.5h
altitude 645m
highest point 1872m
start Sonnenbahn
endpoint Schöngampalm
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