On first-name terms with the mountains of Tyrol

Hiking in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Are you familiar with this situation? You put one foot in front of the other and you keep going higher and further. You feel your thighs and calves with every step. And the scenic views of the surrounding mountains are so incredibly beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off them. A deep breath and your lungs fill with fresh, crisp mountain air. And then, finally! Between 1,200 and 3,000 metres above sea level, you start to feel the “summit tingle”! That’s how you know you’ve made it to the hiking resort of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. 

Hiking variety for all ages in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

There are 500 kilometres of hiking trails at the holiday resort of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Lush green pastures, harsh rock formations and well-developed hiking trails are waiting for you to explore them. Every altitude has its very own characteristics. Above 2,000 metres above sea level, you’ll feel the prickling in the air. On the Panorama Enjoyment Trail, there’s a Feel-good Stop with an incredible view of the mountains every couple of metres. Up on mountain giants like the Furgler, summit crosses await the most ambitious of hikers. And if you’ve made it – you can take your shoes off and pose barefoot for the perfect photo of the summit cross!

Kids need variety, action and entertainment while hiking – otherwise they might get bored. So, how about a hiking tour on one of the many themed family trails or through children’s book author Thomas Brezina’s Adventure Mountains? Find out more about the story of the giant called Wode or the haunted pirate ship!

By the way: A lot of the trails are accessible and suitable for baby buggies. And in case you need help getting on the cable car, our staff will be happy to assist you!

Summer Dream.

The hiking resort of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

  • More than 500 kilometres of hiking trails for all ages

  • A large number of opportunities for a break at a mountain hut or restaurant

  • Numerous hiking routes for everyone from 0 to 99 years

  • 11 cable cars and lifts that take you up to mountain joy

Our hiking medals

Whether you hike in the villages independently or in a group with a guide, you can collect hiking medals! To do so, you’ll need the hiking pass, which you can pick up for a nominal fee at the information offices. Signs with symbols and a punch are located to the respective hiking destinations. The signs indicate where in the hiking pass the symbols can be punched. Depending on the number of points hiked, you will receive one of our hiking medals (bronze, silver or gold) free of charge.

Huts and hosts in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

During every hike, the right kind of “fuel” is essential. How great that there are plenty of cordial hosts in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis who are happy to welcome hungry hikers and treat them to all kinds of delicacies. 

Experience Tyrolean hospitality and stop by at the many mountain huts and restaurants in the Tyrolean Oberland! 

Route tip for mountaineers

A ridge walk and cable car hopping in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

On the Schönjoch, hikers can experience a balancing act of the special kind. First, you take the Waldbahn cable car up to the Sunliner and then the Komperdellbahn cable car to the mid station. Just plop down in the cable car and soak up the sun as it gently sways up the mountain. 

The ridge walk across three summits starts at the mid station of the Komperdellbahn cable car. The first leg is also the highest point of the hike: the Vordere Brunnenkopf at 2,685 metres above sea level. Then, you’ll continue to the beautiful scenic viewpoint up on the Oberer Sattelkopf at 2,596 metres. Once you’ve reached the summit, you’re not far from your goal. One more step and you’ll be rewarded with a breath-taking view of Serfaus, Högsee lake, the Komperdell and all the way to the Lazid. Then, it’s time to take some holiday snap shots and a little breather! 

The early bird catches the worm: Start your day early and head up into the Inntal mountains. Watching the sunrise up at the summit and squinting at the first few rays as they climb over the mountain tops – that’ll be a sight to behold! 

Tip: The hike can be reached from the Fisser Joch as well! And in case you’re hesitant to tackle the tour by yourself, you may take part in a guided hike! More info … 

  • Walking time: approx. 4.5 hours 
  • Length: approx. 6.5 kilometres 
  • Level of difficulty: red (medium) 

Good to know: Staying safe in the mountains of Tyrol: With the SOS-GEO-LOCATION service, mountaineers can make it safely back down into the valley. On special signposts, hikers in distress can find the GPS coordinates and the altitude they are at.  

matching articles ...

kind of sport name level of difficulty length/duration altitude
Panorama Genussweg to Ladis (Panorama Enjoyment Trail) category: Hiking trail, Themenwege Panorama Genussweg to Ladis (Panorama Enjoyment Trail) level of difficulty: medium length/duration: 12.68km/4h
altitude 1130m 350m
Panorama Genussweg to the Möseralm (Panorama Enjoyment Trail) category: Hiking trail, Themenwege Panorama Genussweg to the Möseralm (Panorama Enjoyment Trail) level of difficulty: easy length/duration: 5.24km/1.25h
altitude 290m 123m
Quellensteig (Springs Path) category: Hiking trail, Themenwege Quellensteig (Springs Path) level of difficulty: medium length/duration: 5.26km/3h
altitude 452m 306m
Königsleitheweg trail (Leithe Wirt) category: Hiking trail, Themenwege Königsleitheweg trail (Leithe Wirt) level of difficulty: easy length/duration: 1.53km/0.75h
altitude 210m 36m
Schöngampalm – Brunnenjoch via Urgtal valley trail - Fisser Joch category: Hiking trail Schöngampalm – Brunnenjoch via Urgtal valley trail - Fisser Joch level of difficulty: medium length/duration: 9.74km/3h
altitude 469m 1033m
Matinesweg trail - Weg der Verliebten (Lovers' Lane) category: Hiking trail, Themenwege Matinesweg trail - Weg der Verliebten (Lovers' Lane) level of difficulty: medium length/duration: 2.73km/1.5h
altitude 127m 112m
Six Senses - Experience Trail category: Hiking trail, Themenwege Six Senses - Experience Trail level of difficulty: easy length/duration: 6.51km/4h
altitude 586m 99m
Waalweg (Ditch Trail to Leithe Wirt) category: Hiking trail, Themenwege Waalweg (Ditch Trail to Leithe Wirt) level of difficulty: easy length/duration: 5.09km/1.5h
altitude 559m 26m
Wiesenweg trail to Ladis category: Hiking trail Wiesenweg trail to Ladis level of difficulty: easy length/duration: 3.15km/1h
altitude 260m 20m
Fiss – Klobenstein – Langenweg trail – Wiesenweg trail – Fiss category: Hiking trail Fiss – Klobenstein – Langenweg trail – Wiesenweg trail – Fiss level of difficulty: easy length/duration: 3.6km/1.5h
altitude 140m 116m

Guided tours with nationally certified mountain guides in Tyrol Austria

Nationally certified mountain guides offer a varied hiking programme from June to October so you can reach the most beautiful and worth seeing places in the region. The tours are planned for hikers with some fitness to be easily managed without special knowledge or skills.
The hiking tours will be published in the weekly programmes (obtainable in all of our tourist offices).

Registration takes place in the tourist offices or directly at the mountain guides or the alpine schools.

Max Tschuggmall

Alpinschule Fiss-Ladis
Christian Schlatter

Alpinschule Serfaus
Kurt Klinec
certified mountain and ski guide certified mountain and ski guide certified mountain, canyoning and ski guide
Darreweg 20
6534 Serfaus
Obere Dorfstraße 36
6533 Fiss
Im Schilti 1
6534 Serfaus
Tel. +43/5476/6387 Tel. +43/5476/6674 Tel. +43/676/842927169
info@dorfblick-serfaus.at info@alpinschule-fiss.at kurt@bergaktiv.com 
www.dorfblick-serfaus.at www.alpinschule-fiss.at www.bergaktiv.com


Mountain hiking is usually a pretty safe sport and emergency cases are highly rare. But still, you can not preclude happenings such as sudden health problems or getting into bad weather or thunder storms, where you might need immidiate help.

The SOS-system for mountain hikers in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis rests on two columns. Column number one is the hiking map, which you can find inside of the hiking guide. In this map you will find all important signposts with the related numbers. The second column is the SOS-signpost in the terrain itself, on which emergency signs got affixed this spring.

The whole region contains about 500 of these signs, which are provided with green-white labels. These signs show the number of the signposts, the telephone number of the mountain rescue service and the telephone number of the international rescue service, the map datum, the GPScoordinates and the current height above the sea level.

If an emergency situation appears, you can dial the emergency number with your cellphone and give out information about the GPS-coordinates and the map datum (for example: WGS 84). This allows them to find your current position with centimetre precision and the rescue service does not loose any time by searching for an inaccurate declared position.


The app is intendee for all those nature lovers and amateur athletes in Tirol who like to move in the open air and in the mountains and have a smart phone with iOS or Android.
This is the only emergency app that is connected directly to the control center Tirol.

The main functions in an emergency include:

  • Automatic transmission of personal and location data (GPS coordinates) to the control center Tirol via the internet or SMS.
  • Establishing a telephone connection to the control center Tirol.
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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a kind of all over body fitness programme. Stretching exercises, invigoration exercises and a wide range of Nordic Walking techniques are performed with special Nordic Walking poles made of carbon. When correctly carried out, Nordic Walking improves the body’s fitness levels and aerobic stamina (cardiovascular system). It also helps you to lose weight. The careful use of Nordic Walking poles strengthens both the legs and the upper part of the body. Joints are relieved and the area around the shoulders and back of the neck becomes more flexible.