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Art Trail (Kunstweg)

Starting point: Schönjochbahn mountain terminal
Character: A wonderful hike brimming with various artworks by renowned artists. The Art Trail is a wide path suitable for buggies.
Description: The newly created Art Trail leads from Schönjoch mountain over the ridge to the Schöngampbahn mountain terminal. Various artworks made from different materials, such as wood, marble, steel, stone, granite, etc., which were created by famous artists right on Schönjoch mountain during the “Art on the Mountain” event, are on display along the Art Trail. The exhibited artworks are added to/replaced on a yearly basis and are also for sale.


sports Hiking tour, mid-grade / red hiking trail, Winter walking
difficulty medium
distance 0.71 km
duration 0.25h
altitude 51m
start Schönjochbahn Bergstation
endpoint Schöngampbahn Bergstation
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