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Route SA Alpkopf circular hike

Hike starts at the information panel in front of the Kölner Haus. Then follow the tobogganing run, along the Kinderschneealm to the little wooden cross at the Stierlerhütte lift. Now take the Piratenweg through the wood below the Alpkopf to open woodland. At the right edge of the wood, descend to the “Oberer Komperdellboden” site. Then further down to the cross-country trail. Then continue along the trail past the “Unterer Komperdelboden” site. Take a right through the sparse forest to the “Gallmötz” site, where Route “A” splits from Route “B”. Route “A” keeps to the path and climbs gently to the tobogganing hut refreshments stop. Cross the trail again, go back through the dense woodland up to the “Oberer Komperdellboden” site. Then back along the same route to the starting point.


sports Snow shoe hiking
duration 2h
altitude 240m
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