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Waldweg Hög (Hög Waldweg trail)

From the start of the ‘Hög’ cross-country trail, the route leads through the Bödenwald forest and around the Michaelskopf to the crossing S139. Follow the cross-country trail 12a and the toboggan run to crossing S096 (attention tobogganers). On cross-country trail 11 to Serfaus. Variant: At crossing S139 follow the Six Senses trail back to the starting point of ‘Hög’.
Walking time to the crossing S139: approx. 1 hour; 2.6 km. Walking time to Hög: approx. 1.5 h; 4.3 km. Walking
time to Serfaus: approx. 2 h; 5.0 km.


sports Winter walking
distance 5 km
duration 1.75h
highest point 1819m
start Loipenstart Hög
endpoint Seealm Hög
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