Fisser Blochziehen on 28 January 2018


Der Bär - Fisser Blochziehen 2018
Bear - Fisser Blochziehen 2018

The whole village is involved and the village center of Fiss is their open air stage.

Starting point is the Kulturhaus Fiss, where all the participants meet. On the way through the village center there are four stations where the parade stops.
"Bär" and "Miasmann" have to get caught, the witches present their quotation and dancing and at the end of the way the "Zirbenbloch" will be sold at auction by the mayor of Fiss.

Punctally at 6.00pm sharp, when the church bells ring, all the participants have to take off their masks called "Larve". Nevertheless the crazy hustle and bustle goes on until early morning hour.

You can get the tickets only on-site.

It's well catered for food and drink.


Fisser Blochziehen Via-Claudia-Augusta 35 6533 Fiss

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6 Sun hours
7 of 11 lifts opened
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