Rafting & Canyoning

Rafting – fun in a team

A combination of natural experience, sporting activity and team spirit. All rafts are headed exclusively by certified and experienced boat guides.

Half-day tours

  • Tösner Schlucht (gorge): Pfunds – Prutz, (18 km), minimum age 12 years
  • Imster Schlucht (gorge): Imst – Haiming, (15 km), minimum age 12 years

Full-day tours

  • Altfinstermünz – Prutz: including lunch
  • Imster Schlucht (gorge) and Tösner Schlucht (gorge): minimum age 12 years

Trips for children and the family

A rafting tour on quiet water, fun and action for the whole family! minimum age 5 years (1.20 m size)

Rafting safaris

2 to 3-day tours with a variety of levels of difficulty - available any time upon request.


Hiking through dark gorges, abseiling from roaring waterfalls. From adventurous beck furrows to daring, truly unique mountain gorges, the lateral valleys of the upper Inn valley provide a myriad of opportunities for these 'wet' sports. Get involved! You'll need to be generally fit, be courageous enough to try the adventure and have a pair of hiking or sport shoes which you don't mind getting wet.

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