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Qi Gong
Is a part of the traditional Chinese medicine and is probably the archetype of all exercise therapies, as well as the martial arts. It means something like “practice energy”. Because of specific movement, breathing technics and auto suggestive imagination the energy flow in the body is optimized. Thus complaints can be eased or the body is restored with harmony and balance.

Jin Shin Jyutsu
Stimulates health and strengthens the vitality. The hands gently touch specific areas of the body, the energy gates. Generally two energy gates get connected for a few minutes. By touching those gates they get revived, the energy flows get stronger and the self-healing power is activated.

The TuiNa therapy is one of the most effective form of manual therapy massages. It is based on the Meridian Doctrine of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there it occupies a high priority in the therapy. In the TuiNa therapy both, selective and large-scale massage techniques are used.
These methods help us to harmonize our body, mind and soul and to keep them balanced. Thereby our self-healing powers are invoked.

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