All students receive seven lessons in eight days. Two lessons each with Hansgeorg Schmeiser and Jan Ostrý, to work on repertoire of the modern flute, technique and posture, as well as individual problems. Two more lessons will be held with Vincent Cortvrint, to further improve on the piccolo (or the flute). Correpetion will be available, depending on repertoire and schedules, as well as preparation for the final recitals.

For the first time the Flute Academy offers the possibility to work with Barthold Kuijken an historical informed performance practice with the modern flute as well as the traverso.  Each student will receive an individual lesson with the grandmaster, either with soloworks or ensemble pieces.

Since 2007 European Flute Academy Fiss has also offered a program of specific breathing and movement exercises (Susanne Skov) which has gone down very well with the students. The aim is to relieve unnecessary tension and blockages and find new sequences of movement that impact positively on resonance, sound quality, fluency and the ability to deal with stage fright.

The Flute Academy courses will be held at Kulturhaus Fiss.

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