Course fees for each participant:

Active participation modern flute: €600.00
Passive participation: €300.00

Course fees for active participation include instruction in the courses and master classes, piccolo lessons depending on availability as well as half an hour of breathing and physical exercises. Students enjoy free admission to all of the concerts. Furthermore, the Tourismusverband Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis will organize a free leisure programme which you are also welcome to take part in.

Passive participation entitles you to listen in on all of the courses offered by the teachers, to free admission to all of the concerts and to the leisure programme. Flute teachers receive a 30% discount for passive participation.

Special offers: individual course days at E. F. Fiss as a passive participant:
Flute teachers: €60.00 per day
Students: €40.00 per day

Course fees do not include travel costs, accommodation or meals.


In order to enable all interested parties to take part in the European Flute Academy Fiss, you may also wish to submit an application to obtain a discount from the registration fee. The application must be accompanied by the usual written evidence indicating your financial state of need.

Registration by email or registration by Pdf-form