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From 5 September to 17 October 2021 - Sensations don’t happen by chance

“Autumntastic” Culinary Weeks in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

What could be a better time for experiencing delightful culinary moments than autumn? The forests are aglow with colour, leaves are falling off the trees and mushrooms sprout from the moss. Weighty pumpkins are lying in the fields and are turned into substantial meals in the country’s kitchens. Hearty or healthy – pumpkins are an incredibly diverse ingredient. Once the colourful season sets in, culinary pleasures are at the centre of attention at the family resort of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Tradition, customs and culinary art – that’s what comes to mind when people think of Tyrol. 

“Simply scrumptious” are the weeks throughout Culinary Autumn.

Summer is nearly over and the leaves are starting to turn colour – that’s when the Sensation Weeks take place. Even the decorations are starting to reflect the autumnal mood: some corn on the cob here, a pumpkin there, some old tools here and a bale of hay over there … All contributing to a particularly cosy atmosphere. Romantic moments in the mountains paired with culinary pleasures. What could be better? 

Another highlight: the Almabtrieb. Colourfully adorned cows are ceremonially driven down from the pastures into the valleys as soon as the days are getting colder. Year after year, the Almabtrieb is a magnet for tourists in the Tyrolean Alps. 

Gallery Culinary Autumn

Culinary Autumn 2021 - chestnut

This year, the Culinary Autumn festival in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is celebrating the chestnut.

Autumn time is chestnut time! The popular brown fruit of the edible sweet chestnut is a pure all-rounder in cooking and the inedible horse chestnut is just perfect for any craft project. Read more and learn useful facts about the autumn fruit and all offers during the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis’ Culinary Autumn!

Sweet chestnut

The sweet chestnut produces edible fruits. The nuts cannot only be roasted, but also used in a large variety of dishes. How about enjoying a warming chestnut soup, sipping a sweet chestnut liqueur or spicy chestnut chai latte? A fork full of creamy chestnut pappardelle also sounds great!? Don’t you agree? It seems the sweet chestnut is a true all-rounder.

Horse chestnut

Hands up if you remember playing and crafting something nice with chestnuts when you were younger!? Alongside colourful autumn leaves and uniquely shaped pumpkins, autumn wouldn’t be autumn without chestnut, right?

Facts for better eaters and smarties

  • Horse chestnuts may not be edible, however, they contain valuable ingredients to make, for example, dry shampoo or detergent. Sustainable good – that’s how you could wash your hair or clothes!
  • Lookalikes: You can identify horse and sweet chestnuts, for example, by their cases. An edible sweet chestnut has an extremely pricky case, whereas holding a horse chestnut, which is not edible for humans, is rather painful.
  • Naturally, enjoying roasted sweet chestnuts is a must at every Christmas market in the Alps. However, also in autumn, the brown nuts can be deservedly found on almost every menu. Tipp: Before roasting, cut a cross in the bottom of the chestnut. It makes it much easier to peel it.

Learning from the Pros - cookery courses during culinary autumn

Autumn time is chestnut time!

As part of the culinary autumn, some mountain restaurants offer interesting and tasty cooking and baking courses. The popular brown fruit of the edible sweet chestnut is a pure all-rounder in cooking. They don't just come to the plate roasted.

Cookery course at Restaurant Lassida

Our Rene will cook an autumn 3-course chestnut menu with and for you. The main course will be cooked together, but you will enjoy all 3 courses. Look forward to:
  • Foam soup of sunchoke with chestnut espuma
  • Roasted saddle of venison with braised parsley roots on caramelized chestnuts and black plentum dumplings
  • Chestnut yoghurt cream with cherry ragout

Dates: Fridays, 10., 17. and 24.9.2021 as well as 1. and 8.10.2021
Start: 10.00am
Registration: until 4 pm the day before directly at the Lassida Restaurant or by phone +43/5476/6203-506
Fee: €29.90 per person, recipe and eating the menu at Lassida.
Entry only with a proof of vaccination, recovering or a negative Covid-19 test! Please take a mouth-nose-mask with you.
Flyer cooking class Restaurant Lassida (german)

Cookery course at Restaurant Leithe Wirt

Our Leithe Wirt kitchen team will cook a delightful 3-course autumn menu with you and show you how to cook the autumn delicacies at home.

We start with a sunchoke soup with roasted chestnuts, than roast vension as main dish and sweet chestnut with almondbiscuit. 

Dates: Thursdays, 9., 16., 23. and 30.9.2021 as well as 7. and 14.10.2021
Start: 10.00am
Registration: until 4 pm the day before directly at the Leithe Wirt Restaurant or by phone +43/5476/6203-702
Fee: €29.90 per person, recipe and eating the menu included.
Entry only with a proof of vaccination, recovering or a negative Covid-19 test.
Flyer cooking class at Restaurant Leithe Wirt (german)

Bread baking course at Restaurant Seealm Hög

Practice yourself in the art of bread baking with our kitchen team of the Seealm Hög.

Dates: Wednesdays, 8., 15., 22. and 29.9.2021 as well as 6. and 13.10.2021
Start: 10.00am
Registration: until 4 pm the day before at the Seealm Hög Restaurant or at +43/5476/6203-650 od 651.
Price: €15.50 per person incl. recipes and tasting.
Entry only with a proof of vaccination, recovering or a negative Covid-19 test! Please take a mouth-nose-mask with you.
Flyer bread baking class at Restaurant Seealm Hög (german)


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