From 2 September to 20 October 2024

Culinary Autumn

Sensations don't happen by chance

When, if not in autumn, do you look for moments of pleasure? The forest glows in brilliant colours, the leaves fall to the ground almost in slow motion and the mushrooms sprout from the moss. And when the colourful season arrives in the country, enjoyment is at the top of the program in the family resort Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis! Tradition, customs and cuisine, that's what you associate with Tyrol!

Summer is nearly over, autumn is starting - this is when the sensation weeks take place in the colourful season. Autumnal decorations are in every corner. Here a corn on the cob, a pumpkin or old tools and bales of hay over there for a particularly cozy atmosphere. Romantic moments in the mountains paired with culinary pleasures. What could be better?  Can there be anything better? Not really!

Another highlight: the traditional “Almabtrieb”. When the alpine summer has gone, the days are getting shorter and the lush grass on the alpine pastures is getting thinner, the cows are driven down into the valleys. For the return to the valley, the cows are colorfully and festively “crowned up” and adorned a magnificent headdress. Every year the Almabtrieb is a magnet for tourists and locals as well as guests are gladly invited to celebrate the homecoming of the animals.

Autumn in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is just as colourful as our well-filled event schedule. Whether baking bread like "ameah", visiting the countless market stalls, experiencing art with all your senses at art exhibition "Kunst am Berg", the traditional harvest festival or the nostalgic "Must Attend" meeting for tractor and classic car lovers - autumn isn´t boring with guaranty.

Honey: a golden gift from nature

Between the sunny mountains of Tyrol, where flowers bloom in glorious colours and bees are buzzing through the blossoms, an extraordinary wonder of nature is created: honey.

This year’s Culinary Autumn, Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is all about the fascination and diversity of honey. Honey is more than just a culinary highlight, it`s also full of natural healing substances with a wide range of indications.

Honey – more than just a food

A culinary all-rounder
Honey is a symbol of nature, sustainability and of the close relationship between humans and their environment. The Culinary Autumn in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis celebrates this precious gift of nature and invites you to explore and discover the wide variety of honey.

Honey is far more than just a spread for your bread. Honey delights with its range of flavours and aromas. Whether you like it mild and flowery, strong and spicy or exotic and fruity, there’s a honey to suit every taste. It enhances desserts, cakes and pastries, adds a special touch to savoury dishes and is the perfect accompaniment to tea and coffee.

A versatile wonder of nature
More than just a culinary delight, honey has been used for centuries as a reliable remedy. It’s full of antiseptic and antibacterial effects that help with colds, coughs and sore throats. Honey also soothes skin irritations and accelerates wound healing. 

Honey is important in natural medicine. It’s used as an antiseptic ointment to benefit the healing of wounds. In cosmetics, honey is used to nourish the skin and give it a natural glow.


Tractor and classic car meeting

6 to 8 September 2024

For the 12th time, tractor enthusiasts and classic car lovers will gather to share their great passion. From 6 to 8 September, the historic vehicles will shine again in their old glory and combine history, enthusiasm and the special flair of bygone times.

Not only nostalgics get excited at the tractor and classic car meeting

"Kunst am Berg"

7 September to 13 October 2024

Discover a unique art experience from 7th to 29th September. On top of Schönjoch, surrounded by an inspiring mountain panorama, artists create their works live for you to watch. Experience traditional craftsmanship in the heart of nature and let yourself be inspired.

Enjoy the finished artworks together with other exhibitions of amateur artists who will be presenting their creative pieces in the midst of the mountain scenery from 14th September to 13th October.

Whether you are an art lover, nature enthusiast or a just a curious visitor, there is something for all ages to discover and enjoy.

Golden Fine Arts Festival

2 to 18 October 2024

From 2 to 18 October 2024, customs, tradition and rural crafts are celebrated at the Golden Fine Arts Festival in Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis.

A treat for the ears, eyes and mouth, this festival offers a wonderful combination of food, music and art. Hearty music, autumn delicacies, exclusive drinks and the golden autumn backdrop: "UAFACH GUAT"! Listen to musical sounds and enjoy the time together with other music and pleasure lovers.

Finest Culinary. Fiss.

4 to 6 October 2024


In addition to chilled music, deckchairs and an urban lifestyle, there's one thing above all: exceptional drinks. At Finest Culinary you will not only find exquisite wines, cocktails, rum and gin, but also culinary delicacies to enhance every moment of enjoyment. Just drop by and listen, relax or simply enjoy.

Meadow „Kulturwiese“ at the Kulturhaus Fiss

  • Friday, 4 October 2024 from 4pm to 10pm
  • Saturday, 5 October 2024 from 12noon to 10pm
  • Sunday, 6 October 2024 from 12noon to 7pm

kidsMANIA Movement Tour 2024 in Serfaus: Fun and action for the whole family

9 to 11 October 2024

From the 9th to the 11th of October 2024, the motto in Serfaus is "Out of the living room - out to some fun". The kidsMANIA Movement Tour stops off at the Puintbühne and provides an unforgettable family day with numerous fun & action stations.
The game world centred around Barbie and the huge children's hotel castle promise even more fun. Nintendo invites you to play the latest games on the Switch! Test your balance on the Deichmann movement course!
An additional stage is located at the Komperdellbahn valley station. Here you can look forward to more exciting activities and entertainment for the whole family.
Numerous other highlights are waiting to be discovered. Whether big or small, there is something for everyone on the kidsMANiA Movement Tour in Serfaus.

Food Truck Festival

11 to 13 October 2024

Food Truck Festival on the sunny plateau - a world full of culinary delights!

We invite you to feast to your heart's content at the meadow „Kulturwiese“ around the Kulturhaus in Fiss, to experience countless culinary delights and to enjoy the casual mountain panorama.

From traditional delicacies to international delicacies: A feast for all the senses!

more Events

Traktoren und Oldtimertreffen

12th tractor and classic car meeting

06. - 08. Sep. 2024 at 13:00 o'clock
Almabtrieb in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Cattle drive Fiss

21. Sep. 2024 at 13:00 o'clock
Golden Fine Arts | © Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Golden Fine Arts Festival

02. - 18. Oct. 2024 at 11:30 o'clock
Golden Fine Arts

Golden Fine Arts Festival

02. - 18. Oct. 2024 at 11:30 o'clock


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