stone towers on hiking paths in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Tyrol Austria | © Andreas Kirschner

A chronicle of the family resort

About Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is the number one ski resort in Austria. The region in Tyrol is also regularly awarded prizes – especially, when it comes to offers and services for families with children. And there are plenty of reasons for that! The villages on the high plateau leave nothing to be desired when it comes to fun and entertainment. 

But who’s behind the success of the resort? Who decides if a new cable car facility is built or not? Which milestones happened throughout Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis’ history? Find out more about this exceptional summer and winter destination in Tyrol. 

Tourist Board & Cable car companies

Lukas Heymich, MBA

Dir. Josef Schirgi

Assistant to the management
Sandra Waldegger

Media communication
David Burtscher, MSc
Christoph Strigl
Alexandra Hangl
Katharina Illmer
Sandra Schmid
Nadine Huter
Manuel Vlcek, BSc
Lisa Marie Unterpertinger
Szandra Zámbó
Mag. Andrea Koolen

Marco Geiger
Yara Marktl

Accommodation coaches
Sandra Waldegger
Magdalena Waldegger
Corinna Thöni

Front office & Back office
Ing. Mgr. Janina Martynkova
Enes Galesic
Susette Schuler-Reeuwijk, BA
Luisa Petersen
Hannah Weiß
Franziska Luckow
Sabrina Waldner
Sara Jankovic
Julia Zangerl

Ing. Mgr. Janina Martynkova
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sinah Streßer

Sustainability Officer
Katharina Lentsch

Verena Geiger

Monika Kathrein

Field Service
Richard Hochenegger
Dominic Petter
Andreas Kirschner
Jürgen Raich
Markus Krismer
Thomas Patsch

Tourismusverband Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis
Gänsackerweg 2
6534 Serfaus
phone: +43/5476/6239

Ing. Stefan Mangott
Dr. Christof Schalber
Claudia Plangger, LL.M., MSc (Prokuristin [authorised signatory])

Operation Managers
Ing. Heinrich Waldner
Alfons Wucherer
Markus Plangger
Hans Peter Gfall
Alfred Stadelwieser
Mario Lenz (Deputy head of section)
Daniel Stadlwieser (Deputy head of section)

Reinhard Walch
Andrea Pfeifer-Scherl

Wolfgang Timischl
Jasmine Hauser
Rebekka Neuner
Angelina Waldegger
Christoph Brandmeier
Alexandra Mayr
Reinhard Pale, MA
Heidi Kratzer

Restaurant Managers
Hansjörg Thurnes (Komperdell Panoramic Restaurant, Murmlirest & Starrest, Parasol Bar middle station)
Walther Purtscher (Lassida Restaurant, Masner Alpine Ski Hut, Monte Mare & Hexensee Hut)
Peter Mangott (Leithe Wirt Restaurant, Seealm Hög, Sportalm & Parasol Bar valley station)
Fritz Erben (Ski Lounge, Suppenkasper, Murmlikiosk (summer), Park Café)

Seilbahn Komperdell GmbH
Dorfbahnstraße 75
6534 Serfaus
phone: +43/5476/6203

Simon Schwendinger

Management Team
Josef Kaschutnig (Restaurant Management)
Daniel Frizzi (Team & Event Management)
Martin Pregenzer (Marketing Management)
Paul Krismer (Accounting & Controlling Management)
Georg Geiger (Cable Car Management)
Daniel Spiss (Cable Car Management)
Philipp Kathrein (Cable Car Management)
Marcel Peer (Technology Management)
Thomas Kirschner (Piste Management)
Christian Zangerl (Management of the Bikepark & Fiss Sports Management)

Restaurant Managers
Martin Kaplja (Deputy Restaurant Manager)
Claudia Kirschner (BergDiamant Panoramic Restaurant)
Thomas Geiger (Möseralm Mountain Restaurant)
Peter Krismer (Sonnenburg Family Restaurant)
Philipp Kaschutnig (Zirbenhütte Restaurant & Schöngampalm)

Head of section
Doris Prieth (Administration)
Sonja Pregenzer (Cash desk)
Georg Köhle (Deputy head of section)
Thomas Kronawetter (Snow making facilities)

Fisser Bergbahnen GmbH
Seilbahnstraße 44
6533 Fiss
phone: +43/5476/6396

A time-lapsed history of the holiday resort in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Discover the contemporary history of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis and read more about the milestones that happened at the resort:

2023 Completion of 10 EUB Komperdellbahn, new ski depot at the valley station (check-in), new ski school office at Komperdell mountain station, piste improvement Mittelabfahrt run, new construction Holzkugelweg.
New marble run in the Summer Fun Park Fiss, viewing platform at the Schönjochbahn mountain station, piste improvements from the Frommes slope in the Hagele Eck area, introduction of a smartphone ski ticket
2022 Commencement of construction of the new 10EUB Komperdellbahn (construction of middle station, construction of new cable car route), new construction of a locksmith.
Construction of the Schöngampalm children's farm, expansion of the Summer Fun Park Fiss, extension of the Hexenrodelbahn toboggan run to the Fiss valley station, viewing platform at the Schönjoch summit cross, construction of a panorama board and ticket point
2021 Completion of the Kraft und Sinnesweg trail, completion of the Jochtrail, completion of the Hexenrodelbahn toboggan run, slope improvements, Kuhalm route, Schilti route
2020 Construction of 12er-Bahn chairlift, Fiss North Side, Opening of access tunnel of the Serfaus Underground to the parking area, improvements toboggan run in Fiss, completion of the Jochtrail, redesign Fiss Energy & Senses Trail
2019 Construction phase III Serfaus Underground - completion, extension of the Kinderschneealm, extension of the single trails, Georama Lassida, Source Trail (Quellenweg), Zirbenhütte restaurant extension, Winklabfahrt slope lighting
2018 Construction phase II Serfaus Underground, M1 panorama platform (Masnerkopf), Golden Man Trail (Goldener-Mann-Weg), "Bike Wash" at Schönjochbahn bottom station, extension of the Art Trail (Kunstweg) , double conveyor belt Fairy Tale Express (Märchenexpress), new winter hiking trail Schönjoch Mitte - Kuh Alm Fiss or Frommes Alp, extension avalanche protection
2017 Construction phase I Serfaus UndergroundChildren's Mine (Kinder-Bergwerk) at Schönjoch ridge, redesign of the Adventure Mountains (Abenteuerberge) Witches' Trail (Hexenweg) in Fiss and Explorers' Trail (Forscherpfad) in Ladis. The Pirates' Trail (Piratenweg) in Serfaus is completely new (instead of "The Crashed Plane" (Sturzflug)), Tirol Touristica Award for the Hög Adventure Park in the categories "development of offers" and "infrastructure & buildings"
2016 New construction of Summer Fun Park Fiss, finalisation of Frommes II reservoir, Art Trail (Kunstweg) in Fiss, PlayIN indoor playground (Indoor Spiel- & Kletterwelt PlayIN), extension of the snow-making facility Obere Scheid, new slopes: Plötza Abfahrt, Mittlere Scheidabfahrt
2015 Hög Adventure Park (Erlebnispark Hög), Schneisenfeger Family Coaster , Snow Factory (Schneewerk), Fiss Indoor Arena, extension Sonnenburg Family Restaurant, start construction of Frommes II reservoir, Bertas Home Run, Berta's Kindervilla
2014 Comfort Ski Depot with 4.000 boxes, Seealm Hög restaurant, completion Hög reservoir pond, EUB Alpkopfbahn mid station,Hög Family Lights Chapel, bypass slope Zirbenhütte, Skyswing NEW, SFL Shop
2013 Bikepark Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, new slope „Lange Abfahrt“, ski route „Skyline“, slope numbering additional to the name, sport shop and rental at the Waldbahn cable car, skimovie slope at the North side of Fiss, construction at the kids restaurants "Murmlirest" and new youth restaurant "Starrest",  Hög reservoir  pond in Serfaus
2012 Extension of the Hexenseehütte, improvement of the Plazörabfahrt and establishment of Fun Slope, Adlerroute, Powder Nose and Old Sattel as ski routes
2011 Construction of the Masnerkopfbahn (Serfaus), new slopes: Hexenseeabfahrt, Masnerkopfabfahrt, Masnerjochabfahrt, Zwölfer Sportiv, generous improvement of the Frommesabfahrt, takeover and renovation of the Schöngampalm, XXL-Trampoline
2010 Construction of the Zirbenhütte restaurant on the North side of Fiss. The Zirbenhütte restaurant offers 450 indoor seats and 800 outdoor seats, construction of the jump tower in the Summer Fun Park Fiss, Construction of the Wolfsee reservoir pond (Fiss)
2009 Construction of the Königsleithebahn chairlift and the Leithe Wirt restaurant (Serfaus)
2008 Construction of the Familienbahn Gampen chairlift, construction of the Masner reservoir pond (Serfaus), construction of the Almbahn 8-seater cable car (Fiss), extension Summer Funpark Fiss with the Snow Fatory (Scheewerk)
2007 Construction of the Arrezjochbahn and Moosbahn chairlift (Serfaus); construction of the Skyswing (Fiss)
2006 Construction of the Murmli Crèche, construction of the Murmliwasser  (Serfaus), construction of the Panorama Enjoyment Trail (Panorama-Genussweg), construction of the Fisser Flieger (Fiss)
2005 Construction of the Tyrol’s first Ski Lounge (Serfaus), establishment of the “Fisser Bergbahnen GmbH & Seilbahn Komperdell GmbH Personenbeförderungs OHG”, joint construction of the Waldbahn 8-seater cable car, construction of the Fisser Flitzer summer tobogganing run, construction of the Sonnenburg Family Restaurant, adaptation and conversion of the “Kinderplanet” Children’s Restaurant, construction of the Frommes reservoir pond (Fiss)
2004 Construction of the Pezidbahn cable car (Serfaus)
2003 Construction of the Lassida restaurant; construction of the Lawensbahn chairlift (Serfaus); replacement of the 4-seater cable car service on the first and second section of the Schönjochbahn by a modern 8-seater cable car, construction of the BergDiamant Panoramic Restaurant
2002 Construction of the Schöngampbahn chairlift, new construction of the children’s training ground Berta's Kinderland (Fiss)
2001 Construction of the Scheidbahn chairlift (Serfaus), “Seilbahn & Bus Tourismus” (Cable Car and Coach Tourism) magazine declares ski area as winner in its 2000/2001 consumer survey
2000 New construction of the Möseralm mountain restaurant
1999 Fiss-Ladis and Serfaus ski areas merge, 12 December 1999: opening of the Tyrol’s new Ski Dimension Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, reconstruction of the Skihütte Masner, construction of the Alpkopfbahn and construction of the Sunliner cable car connecting Serfaus and Fiss (Serfaus), construction of the Sattelbahn, Rastbahn and Puinzbahn chairlift as well as the Schönjoch reservoir pond (Fiss)
1998 Skihütte Masner destroyed in a fire (Serfaus); agreement reached on the introduction of an integrated ski pass system for the whole of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis
1997 Construction of the Planseggbahn 6-seater chairlift, construction of the Alpkopf 4-seater chairlift (Serfaus)
1996 Conversion of the Komperdell mountain restaurant into the Komperdell Panoramic Restaurant, and conversion of the cable car into the “Murmlibahn” – Europe’s first cable car for children (Serfaus)
1995 Möseralm and Ladis-Fiss: construction of two modern 6-seater cable cars (Fiss)
1993 Construction of the Obere Scheid 4-seater chairlift (Serfaus)
1992 Construction of the Lazidbahn cable car as second section of the Komperdell cable car, construction of the Komperdell snow-making reservoir (Serfaus), construction of the Zwölferbahn chairlift (Fiss)
1991 Construction of the Gample lift (Serfaus)
1990 Acquisition of first snow cannon in Serfaus, construction of the children’s training ground Kinderschneealm (Serfaus)
1989 Construction of the Gampenbahn 4-seater chairlift (Serfaus)
1988 Construction of the Komperdell 6-seater cable car (Serfaus)
1986 Construction of the Fidriol lift (Ladis)
1985 “Dorfbahn” village underground train opens (Serfaus), construction of the Almlift (Fiss)
1983 Construction of the Plansegglift II (Serfaus)
1982 Construction of the Schöngamplift (Fiss)
1981 Construction of the second section of the Schönjochbahn cable car, construction of the Plazör- and Schönjöchllift as well as the Schönjöchl mountain restaurant (Fiss); construction of the Minderslift and completion of the Skihütte Masner (Serfaus)
1980 Development of the Masner ski area with the Moos-, Arrez-, Masner- and Laustallift II (Serfaus)
1979 Start of development work on the Schönjöchl, construction of the first section of the Schönjochbahn cable car and construction of the Wonnelift (Fiss)
1978 Construction of the Möserlift (Fiss) and the Lawenslift (Serfaus)
1977 Construction of the first children’s ski restaurant in the Alps on the Komperdell (Serfaus)
1974 Neighbouring village of Ladis linked to the Fiss ski area by a single-seater chairlift (Fiss), construction of the Scheidlift (Serfaus)
1973 Opening of the Komperdellbahn circulating monocable aerial ropeway (Serfaus)
1971 Construction of the Laustallift (Serfaus), construction of the Waldlift (Fiss)
1970 Construction of the Lazidlift double chairlift (Serfaus)
1969 Construction of a small refreshment stop at the Möseralm (Fiss)
1967 Construction of the single-seater chairlift to the Möseralm and construction of the Rast- and Sattelkopflift (Fiss)
1966 Founding of the Fisser Bergbahnen GmbH (Fiss-Ladis cable car company) (Fiss), construction of the Alpkopflift single-seater chairlift (Serfaus)
1965 Construction of the Bifang- and Alpkopflift (Serfaus)
1961 Construction of the Gampen- and Plansegglift l (Serfaus)
1958 Construction of the cable car linking Serfaus to the Komperdell
1957 Founding of the Seilbahn Komperdell GmbH (Komperdell cable car company) in Serfaus
1954 The first tow lift is built in Serfaus
1953 The goods cable car is converted into a passenger cable car for 4 people
1940 Building of a goods cable car from the village Serfaus to the Kölner Haus