Solving puzzles on the Pirates' trail, Witches' Trail and Explorers' Trail

Thomas Brezina’s Adventure Mountains

Austria’s most famous children’s book author, Thomas Brezina let his creativity run free and created three exciting, themed trails for kids in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Be it on the  Pirates’ Trail (Piratenweg), the Witches’ Trail (Hexenweg) or the Explorers’ Trail (Forscherpfad) – the aim is to solve a number of puzzles as quickly as possible. Don’t lose heart, little adventurers! 

Definitely get one! Little Sherlocks, listen up: Thomas Brezina has come up with a colourful puzzle booklet with stickers for all! Grab one at the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis information offices and start solving the puzzles!

Grab the new accompanying Adventure Booklet with many colourful stickers for €3 and turn your hikes into an unforgettable experience for kids! 100% of the proceeds from “Country Charity – We are Family” are used for local social projects.. “Country Charity – We are Family“ is under the patronage of Thomas Brezina.

Off you go – searching for traces and solving riddles!

Attention: Currently it is not possible to download the Adventure Mountains app with the latest Android versions.

Adventure Mountains.
Family Paradise.

Arrr and ahoy! Full steam ahead on the Pirates’ Trail (Piratenweg) in SErfaus

Equipped with a puzzle booklet, we’re finally ready to head off into our adventure! Take the Komperdellbahn cable car up to the top station. The starting point of the Pirates‘ Trail is at the Murmliwasser park.Now it’s time to open up your puzzle booklet, grab a pen and let’s go on the wild Captain Pepper hunt

Let the adventure begin … During a stormy night, a ghost ship was sighted. On board: Captain Pepper and Sailor Chili. To make matters worse, the ship and its crew have been cursed! Now the master detectives are needed – they have to find the treasure! But where is the chest hidden and what kind of treasure is inside? 

Info about the Pirates‘ Trail 

  • Walking time: approx. 2 hours (start - destination)
  • Elevation gain: 100 metres 
  • Location: on the Komperdell mountain – at the Murmliwasser park in Serfaus. It can best be reached via the top station of the Komperdellbahn cable car. 
  • Suitable for buggies*

“Abracadabra!” on to the Witches’ Trail (Hexenweg) in Fiss

Peppina and her brother Fips need help! There was an explosion on the Witches‘ Trail – the two young wizards have blown up the witches’ house! Lots of objects have been flung through the air and are scattered along the trail. So, let’s go! Grab your puzzle booklet and let’s solve the case! 

Particularly tricky: The house wasn’t just blown up – now it’s upside down too! The kids’ task: finding and collecting all the objects from it. 

Info about the Witches' Trail

  • Walking time: approx. 3 hours (Schönjochbahn mid station to Sonnenbahn mid station)
  • Elevation gain: about 430 metres 
  • Location: take the cable car up to the Schönjochbahn mid station in Fiss. The entry point to the trail is only a few metres away. 
  • Not suitable for buggies*

Exploring the Explorers’ Trail (Forscherpfad) in Ladis

Huh? All of a sudden, all the hikers have shrunk and see everything from an ant’s perspective. What happened? All we know is that a strange tree house was discovered in the forest. At second glance, it becomes apparent that it’s an ingenious explorer’s house. A dream come true for every child with a curious and inventive mind! 

On the Explorer’s Trail in Ladis, ambition little nature explorers encounter giant snails, mysterious paw prints and poisonous mushrooms

Info about the Explorers' Trail 

  • Walking time: approx. 1 hour (start - destination)
  • Elevation gain: about 170 metres 
  • How to get to the start:
    • Ladis (follow the Water Hiking Trail ) approx. 1 hour
    • Fiss – Wolfsee lake – Berta’s Indian Village – past the Weiberkessl restaurant – approx. 1 hour
  • Not suitable für buggies*

Are your fingertips already starting to tingle? Then take your kids and experience Thomas Brezina’s three exciting themed trails!

* Definition suitable for buggies:
Trails that are marked as suitable for buggies can be accessed with a baby buggy because of their sufficient widths and solid surface.

However, you should be aware that you are out in the mountains. So we recommend:

  • quality footwear
  • mountain buggy
  • a brake at the buggy
  • wrist strap in case you should slip
  • Shouldn’t you just be by yourself, let your companions help you to push the buggy.