Experiencing the sunrise up close in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Sunrise Hexensee

You’ve always wanted to see a sunrise from high up on a mountain summit? Experience the first rays of the sun on your skin, the beautiful magenta morning sunlight? Then you should go on a fantastic little journey to Sunrise Hexensee in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis …


The sunrise spectacle starts in the early morning hours. The Masner Express takes you all the way up to Hexenseehütte restaurant. What awaits you? An incredible view of the Tyrolean sea of summits. When the sun rays slowly tint the summits in warm light, the magic becomes palpable. And the joy doesn’t end there: While the day slowly awakens, you get to enjoy the stunning panoramic views during a hearty breakfast at Hexenseehütte . 

Invigorated, you may either go skiing right away on the almost pristine slopes or take the Masner Express back to Lazid mountain and the cable car down into the valley. 

Sunrise Hexensee is a truly special experience during your holiday in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Once you see the first sun rays light up the surrounding summits, you’ll know: Getting up early was definitely worth it! Experience it for yourself!

Sunrise Hexensee.
Highlights winter.

Details about Sunrise Hexensee

  • When:
every Thursday from 21 December 2023
  • Starts:
depending on season
  • Prices:

Adults: €94.00
Children (born 2009-2017): €75.50 
(prices include the cable car ride into the valley from Lazid)

For children born in 2018 or younger, this offer is not bookable.

Please keep in mind the limited number of available spots (min. 5, max. 16 people).

Snapshots Sunrise Hexensee

Sunrise Hexensee

Reservations and gift vouchers

Sunrise Hexensee is an exceptional experience for all early birds and sunrise lovers. Reservations are required for Sunrise Hexensee – either online or at the ticket counters of Komperdell bottom station. Reserve your desired date right away or gift someone a voucher. Order easily and conveniently online.


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