Tobogganing is fun for the whole family in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Tyrol  | © Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Marketing GmbH | Andreas Kirschner

Off to the winter wonderland of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis!

Adventures for kids in the snow

Uncover the secret surrounding Murmli – the mascot of Serfaus – on the Murmliweg trail. Explore the Cave World where bears and creepy mountain dwellers live. Or ski through a giant Bear’s Head. These and other highlights in the snow await your kids in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Read more about the most exciting adventures in the snow in the Tyrolean mountains …

Adventure descent for kids: the Murmliweg trail

Let’s go on an adventurous journey of exploration into the world of Murmli, Serfaus’ mascot. The interactive adventure trail in immediate vicinity of the Kinderschneealm in Serfaus leads you through a quaint little forest near Familienbahn Gampen cable car. Along the trail, little ski fans can discover seven amazing and creative stations: 

  1. Entry: Here we go! Right after you enter the Murmliweg trail, you can hear all kinds of interesting sounds.
  2. Story Fountain: Time to take off your skis and enter the cave! A mysterious fountain tells the story of Murmli and his journey through the snow. 
  3. Talking Root-Man: Perfect aim is definitely an advantage here! Why? The root-man only answers if you throw snowballs at him – and hit him with them! 
  4. Photo Board: Mum and Dad can take a picture of their little ones – together with Murmli and the whole bear family. 
  5. Sleeping Bear: Watch out! If the kids get cosy on the Sleeping Bear’s back, he might wake up. And then … 
  6. Hooting Owl: It sits on a branch and doesn’t just talk, it also sings!
  7. Murmli Cave: A special highlight awaits you at the end of the trail: the Murmli Cave. Because now your kids can finally see where and how Murmli, the mascot, lives. 

Cave World

Brave kids can show what they’re made of in the Cave World. On your skis, you’ll pass the Dragon Urge and the giant Rock Monster Hauke. You might encounter a few bears and creepy mountain dwellers along the way, too! 

The Bears Slope family descent

A wild time awaits skiers on the Bear Slope! The family slope starts at Alpkopfbahn top station and leads all the way down to the Kinderschneealm. Along the way, a number of creative features can be skied through, crossed and admired: the giant Bear’s Head, Bear’s Mouth and the Bear’s Belly. But mind you: You might feel a little queasy when you follow the descent right into the mouth of the Giant Bear! 

Berta’s Indian Village

Berta’s Native American Village with tepees, canoes and a totem pole – enter the world of the Wild West, located on the Ladis descent

Skiing through the Animal Park

Another attraction is the “Animal Park” themed trail in the lower area of the Mittelabfahrt slope in Serfaus. That’s where kids can see golden eagles, deer and other animals native to the area.

Fun Slope Fiss

The Fun Slope Fiss is located on the north side of Fiss, parallel to the Plazörabfahrt, and offers a great alternative to an ordinary downhill run. Small jumps, waves, boxes as well as a tunnel and a fun twister made out of snow are awaiting you here. At the special high five and low five obstacles, you can “shake” hands during your run. 
The Fun Slope leads to the Snowpark Fiss. Finish your run with a cool jump into the airbag. You can reach the Fun Slope by taking the Schönjochbahn to the top station. You want to run the Fun Slope Fiss as many times as possible? Then we recommend you to use the Schöngampbahn.

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