A reservoir pond for relaxing and abiding a while

Wolfsee lake in Fiss

Wolfsee lake is located in a quiet area on the outskirts of Fiss. Amidst a stunning mountain setting, this reservoir pond provides a welcome refreshment for families in summer. Just slip off your hiking boots and dip your smouldering toes into the cool water – ahh, amazing! And little hikers can also explore the adventure world of lynx, wolf and bear surrounding the lake. 

Note: On the right side of the lake, there’s a play area for the little ones. Dogs are not allowed there! 

Wolfsee lake – entering the world of lynx, wolf and bear

Walk around the lake and enter a different world. Whether it’s to the bear’s den or up to the obstacle course – during a walk around the lake, little visitors are introduced to the world of wild animals. Bear, wolf and lynx are at the centre of attention here. Kids get to learn about their living conditions and behaviour in a playful manner by way of several experience stations. Alongside information boards, they can sharpen their senses while reading tracks and paw prints. 

If you crave some relaxation but don’t want to miss out on entertainment, Wolfsee lake in Fiss is perfect for you! Learn more about the annual cycle of bear, lynx and wolf – then soak up the sun on the ergonomic deck chairs! 

By the way: The trail around Wolfsee lake is suitable for buggies and wheelchairs as well. 

Using their smartphone and the SFL app, adventurers can plod along exciting themed hiking trails. In the Wolfsee area in Fiss hard-working geocachers learn interesting facts about wolves, bears and lynx.

Would you like to discover the mountains in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis with your kids? Great! There’s plenty of other interactive themed trails for little explorers – including children’s book author Thomas Brezina’s three Adventure Mountains.

Impressions Wolfsee lake