A speedy low-altitude flight in SErfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Serfauser Sauser: a winter attraction

Who doesn’t love to think back to that: swooshing across the playground hanging from a steel rope. Since your childhood days, this special kind of fun has “grown up”, too. The speed on the Serfauser Sauser – a flying fox attraction in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis – will bring tears of joy to your eyes. And the distance to the ground will take your breath away. Jump into adventure and dare the wild ride on the glowing steel cable!


The Serfauser Sauser provides the ultimate thrill with a length of 2,000 metres and a speed of up to 65 kilometres per hour. Soaring 85 metres above the ground, it offers a unique view of the wintery Tyrolean mountains.

è The ride starts at the top of the Sunliner. From there, the route – divided into four sections – takes you down into the valley before reaching the finish line at the Komperdellbahn valley station in Serfaus. This zipline is incredibly fun for all ages in the summer as well as in the winter. 

By the way: You don’t have to worry about going down the Serfauser Sauser too fast – it brakes automatically. What’s more, the trained guides on site ensure optimum safety throughout the ride.


You can enjoy the thrill of speed at its best on the four sections of the Serfauser Sauser. Find out for yourself! 

Section 1 – Warm-up: 

  • top station – rope elevation: 1,834 m

  • bottom station – rope elevation: 1,763 m

  • difference in altitude: 71 m

  • length: 500,9 m

  • gradient: 14%

Section 2 – Panorama:

  • top station – rope elevation: 1,736 m

  • bottom station – rope elevation: 1,601 m

  • difference in altitude: 162.2 m

  • length: 783.7 m

  • gradient: 21%

Section 3 – Top view:

  • top station – rope elevation: 1,601 m

  • bottom station – rope elevation: 1,567 m

  • difference in altitude: 34.2 m

  • length: 297.6 m

  • gradient: 11%

Section 4 – Speed ride:

  • top station – rope elevation: 1,567 m

  • bottom station – rope elevation: 1,450 m

  • difference in altitude: 117 m

  • length: 527.7 m

  • gradient: 22%

Video Serfauser Sauser in winter

Serfauser Sauser in winter

Opening hours and prices

Winter 2024/25

Opening hours
currently closed

Serfauser Sauser winter.
Highlights winter.

Adults: €46.00
Teens (year 2006-2009): €41.50 
Children (born 2010 or later): €29.00

Ascent with the Sunliner is included!



Regulations of usage: children from the age of 10, measuring at least 1.30 m and weighing at least 30 kg. Adults max. weight 125 kg.
Serfauser Sauser is closed on rainy / wet days.

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Seilbahn Komperdell GmbH
Dorfbahnstraße 75
6534 Serfaus