Der 12 Meter hohe Wodeturm bietet einen Blick ins Kaunertal, Inntal und nach Fließ | © Andreas Kirschner

Mystical locations in Ladis

Wode bath & Wode tower

Two-and-a-half-metre ants, four-metre worms, giant beetles – all that and more is what you’ll encounter at Wode Park. The mystical forest area surrounding the Wode bath and Wode tower harbours a story steeped in legend about a giant called Wode from the Urgtal valley. Once upon a time, he fought a magician who was favourable towards Ladis and both of them disappeared in the pond – never to be seen again. Today, visitors can explore this giant’s adventure park near Neuegg with its oversized animals and a fairy-tale flora and fauna. 

Impressions Wode bath in Ladis

a fairy-tale adventure park in Ladis

A short power nap on the gnome lounger, a detour to the raspberry bushes in the snack garden or a game of hide and seek under the giant fly agaric! Plenty of play stops, a fairy-tale pavilion that harbours stories about Wode and a twelve-metre tower amaze the park’s young visitors. It also offers stunning views of the extensive Inntal valley – and you can even see the entrance of the Kaunertal valley!

Psst! Here’s a secret …  If you make enough noise while walking around the pond in Neuegg, the giant might lift its head from below the surface of the water!

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