Holidays up on the “sun terrace”

Serfaus in Tyrol

Nature did a great job here: Up on a sunny plateau, surrounded by the stunning panorama of the Tyrolean mountains, you’ll find the 1,100-inhabitant village of Serfaus. At this breath-taking location at 1,427 metres above sea level, families, gourmets and sports enthusiasts are greeted by a truly unique ambiance – year-round! 

Facts about Serfaus

  • Traffic-calmed municipality in Tyrol 
  • Located on the “sun terrace”, in the Oberes Gericht area, about 500 metres above the Inntal valley
  • With more than 7,000 guest beds, it’s the village with the most tourism in the Oberes Gericht area
  • Altitude: 1,427 metres above sea level 
  • Inhabitants: approx. 1,100 

Village map of Serfaus_Summer.
Village map of Serfaus_Winter.

Official website of the Serfaus municipality

A diverse family ski resort

For several decades, Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis has been among the top ski resorts of Europe. That’s partially due to the incredible infrastructure of the village of Serfaus. Visitors sigh with relief thanks to the traffic minimisation efforts on the streets of the village: no noise, no grime, no stress. The Serfaus Underground takes passengers swiftly and comfortably from A to B. Additionally, Serfaus in Tyrol offers a myriad of options when it comes to leisure activities for the whole family.

A play paradise for kids – in every season

One thing’s for certain: It never gets boring in Serfaus! In winter, the little ones can learn how to ski at the Murmli Park or at the 45,000-square-metre Kinderschneealm. In summer, you can visit the Adventure World Serfaus: Murmliwasser, Murmliweg trail and the Serfauser Sauser guarantee action-packed and fun-filled days.

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The Serfaus Underground: A central traffic hub

The Serfaus Underground train is the beating heart of Serfaus. A driverless rope-driven hovertrain shuttles back and forth underneath Dorfbahnstraße street. It connects the car park in the eastern part of the village with the bottom station of the cable cars in the west of Serfaus. Since its inaugural year in 1985, high-volume private traffic has become a thing of the past

Ever since the Serfaus Underground began operations, a driving ban has been issued within the municipality of Serfaus. Guests are allowed to drive to the accommodation when arriving. During the stay it is prohibited to use the car within the village (e.g. for shopping, driving to the cable car station, …). Excursions outside the village are permitted. The driving ban is valid during winter and summer season. Supervision is carried out by the village police Serfaus.

As of summer 2015, there is also a meeting zone in Serfaus.

Historic Serfaus

In the mood for a little history lesson about Serfaus? Here we go: The Romans conquered the area in Tyrol in 15 BC. The ancient historians referred to the Alpine tribe living there as the “Raeti”. Once Romans and Raeti mixed over the course of several centuries, they became the Rhaeto-Romanic people. 

Did you know? To this day, many villages, hamlets and fields have a name of Rhaeto-Romanic origin. From the 6th century on, the Baiuvarii (the ancestors of today’s Bavarians, Austrians and South Tyroleans) settled in the area. A few settlers from the Canton of Valais couldn’t resist the beauty of this mountain village either. In the 12th century the Rhaetian language was fully replaced with German.

Discover the diverse holiday world on the high plateau and visit family-friendly Serfaus. Book an accommodation for your next holiday right away! 

Village tour

If you want to learn interesting facts about the history of Serfaus, why not take part in the village tour through the streets of Serfaus in summer. For more information and all dates check out our weekly programme and event calendar.

Village tour Serfaus in summer. (German)


Serfaus Information Office
Gänsackerweg 2
6534 Serfaus