summer holiday in the beautiful landscape of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis | © Andreas Kirschner


While initially abstract when taken at face value, sustainability and regionality are two keywords of our time.

We – the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region – are taking responsibility to ensure that these concepts are effectively put into practice on our plateau.

Meadow and pasture guideline.
Working together. For animal welfare. For landscape conservation.

True cooperation

What individuals can achieve alone pales in comparison to what a determined community can accomplish together. The Fiss-Ladis cable car company and Komperdell cable cars, along with the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Tourist Board and the three municipalities, are pulling together to strengthen regional cycles and support the local farming community. We are seeking to establish a symbiotic relationship between tourism and local agriculture.

And you too can support your holiday region. With the help of your prudence and carefully considered actions, alpine plants can flourish, native animals can feel comfortable, and regional farming families can be relieved.

The merit of our farmers' community and their regional products

Nature’s cycles, holidays and the work undertaken by our farming families are closely intertwined. Although there is always plenty to do, agricultural activities do not generate enough income to be able to live on them alone full-time.

Most mountain farmers, therefore, also have to pursue other gainful employments. For Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, this dayto- day agricultural work and the resulting sumptuous products are indispensable.

We owe the mountain meadows – rich in fl owers and insects – to the numerous farming families, their knowledge, experience, and wide range of cultivation activities throughout the year. They lay the foundations for biodiversity in the native fl ora and fauna. The hay cut here is also a source of food over the winter months for our alpine animals, when they live in the village stables and the plants are overwintering. Our dried grasses contain a large amount of digestible nutrients and are particularly valuable. The native pastures and alpine landscapes are cultivated landscapes that would give way to scrub if left unattended.

To a large extent, our farming families supply both the hotel and catering industry in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis and themselves with their animal and plant products.

Products from Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Did you know …
  • … that the Seilbahn Komperdell restaurants buy 2,800 kg of alpine cheese annually and utilize around 80 cattle?

  • … that the Bergbahnen Fiss-Ladis restaurants prepare 300 kg of “Fisser Imperial Gerste” barley and 2,000 kg of potatoes in their kitchens every winter season?

  • … that the Bergbahnen Fiss-Ladis restaurants use 190 kg of butter and 3,400 litres of milk in their kitchens every winter season?

The tourist board, cable cars and three municipalities

The Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Tourist Board, the Fiss-Ladis cable car company, Komperdell cable cars and the three municipalities focus on strengthening regional cycles, on meadow and pasture management and on livestock farming with alpine pasture management. Our aspiration is that tourism and agriculture not only function alongside each other, but coexist and benefit from each other.

The Tourist Board helps to strengthen alpine pasture management, alpine pasture staff and landscape conservation in Serfaus- Fiss-Ladis through ongoing contribution subsidies.

The shared use of natural resources by farming families and cable cars allows multiple uses – summer pastures become winter ski slopes. What’s more, the catering businesses in the villages, the cable car restaurants and the mountain huts all work closely together. Delivering a culinary experience relies on having food of the highest quality. The animal and plant products on our high plateau represent regionality, high quality and healthy nutrition, not to mention being packed full of flavour.

Producers and buyers have a good working relationship, and the appreciation shown by consumers fosters close cooperation, thereby making it possible to establish joint approaches to solutions.

Your contribution matters - act cautiously to protect and support

Diverse tourism options invigorate our region, so it is also in the interest of the employees, locals and especially of the farming families that you have a fantastic holiday full of unforgettable experiences, enjoyment and relaxation when spending time with us. But we also need your help to ensure that future generations can share these experiences in our unique yet fragile cultural landscape. We have compiled some guidelines for you – please follow them since this will enable guests, employees, and locals alike to live together in harmony.

Please remember the following:

Keep to signposted paths and designated trails

Biking through tall meadows or hiking along unmarked trails may seem tempting, but these decisions can have far-reaching consequences for our animal and human conservationists. While individuals merely seek temporary amusement, everyone’s actions quickly add up to many wheels and feet straining the vegetation. Hiking and riding off-trail affect plants and, for example, inhibit their growth.

To the interactice map with all hike and bike tours.

Avoid noise that clashes with nature

The mountain landscape has its own soundscape. Please do not make noise that clashes with nature so that your fellow human beings can also enjoy these natural sounds and the native animals remain undisturbed in their habitat.

Keep your distance from grazing animals

Grazing animals that appear friendly such as cattle, sheep and goats can react erratically when they feel threatened. Be particularly careful around cows accompanying their calves since they will protect their offspring at all costs. Therefore, please do not take any chances and remain at a safe distance from all grazing animals. Moreover, animals can become stressed if approached by humans. For your safety and the welfare of the animals, please stay on the signposted paths and designated trails.

Do not use the grazing animals' drinking water

Farming families ensure their animals always have access to fresh, clean water. Please do not use the grazing animals’ water troughs to wash yourself or your dogs. Washing shoes or dogs may contaminate the water and transmit pathogens. To ensure you remain healthy, please only drink from clearly marked drinking water points. The water flowing from these taps is of excellent quality and can be used as drinking water without hesitation. It is completely free of chemical additives and is therefore exceptionally pure.

Dispose of your litter appropriately

Deliberately throwing away litter tarnishes and detracts from the beauty of the alpine landscape. Moreover, litter damages vegetation, causes smells and potentially contaminates water, which can affect health. It is particularly tragic when litter is shredded by mowers – it then gets mixed in with grazing animals’ feed and can seriously injure their digestive tracts. We ask you to dispose of your waste in the bins provided or to take it with you.

Please enable safe passage for agricultural vehicles

Our farming families work with a variety of specialized machinery, which greatly facilitates the arduous work. Farmers use the numerous country lanes and roads in the region to access their fields and plots. If an agricultural vehicle approaches you, please allow for safe passage. Ideally, move to the upper side - the uphill side - of the road. If you are traveling with multiple people, it is advisable for everyone to move to the same side. This way, both you and the vehicle operator will be safe from harm.

"Bergwelt miteinander"

The initiative “Verantwortungsvolles Bergerlebnis” or Mindful Mountain Experience is supported by the Tyrolean state government and the program “Bergwelt Tirol – Miteinander Erleben” which is committed to creating a considerate coexistence between all those who use and enjoy nature.

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