Model flight in Serfaus-Fiss-ladis

Model aircraft flying

Model aircraft pilots encounter perfect conditions up on the high plateau for letting their little treasures rise high up into the air. Be it at the Fisser Schönjoch airfield, on the Serfauser Feld or the Perdatscher Bichl – all flying sites can be easily reached by car or cable car. 

Model aircraft flying (german).

Please keep in mind the following flight rules:

  • Flying model aircrafts is only permitted at the designated areas. Contraventions will be reported to the police and penalised with a disciplinary fine. 
  • People who fly these types of aircraft must have valid liability insurance. 
  • Model aircraft flights are only allowed for gliding and electric aircrafts with a take-off weight of maximum 20 kilogrammes. 
  • During hay harvesting season, it is strictly prohibited to fly over the people working on the meadows. 
  • Parking your vehicle on the meadows is not allowed. 

Event tip: The “Flying Circus” model aircraft festival takes place annually in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Find out more about it here