Summer adventures in the mountains of Tyrol

Outdoor sports in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Joyful laughter resounds through the holiday resort as little and grown-up climbers swing from tree to tree like Tarzan and Jane or scale the massive rock faces. In the Tyrolean mountains, there are countless climbing options for every level of skill – how great is that? 

If you’re looking for adventures up in lofty heights, then paragliding is just the right sport for you. Alone or during a tandem flight: Glide over the incredible mountain scenery of Tyrol and feel free as a bird! 

In Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, there are hardly any limits when it comes to summer sports. The holiday paradise offers a multitude of outdoor activities for the whole family. Tons of fun in nature included! 

X-Trees forest rope course in Serfaus

At the X-Trees forest rope course in Serfaus, twelve varied routes with a total length of more than 900 metres are waiting for visitors to take on the challenge. You’re among those who aim high? 14 metres above ground, daredevils can look forward to a special kind of thrill. 

So: Hook in your carabiner, gather all your courage and crawl, climb or balance over the obstacles!

Climbing adventures up in the treetops

Daredevil, balancing genius or jumping mouse – at least one of those applies to you? Great! Then the forest rope course in Serfaus is perfect for you! If you happen to lose your balance, a helmet and climbing harness will keep you safe while climbing through the treetops. 

Quick and nimble like Spiderman, visitors can climb through the Spider Net. Agility and balance are what it takes to make it across the Indiana-Jones-Bridge. And full-body tingling is what you get to experience later on at the Bungee Trampoline! Try to defy gravity and jump your heart out! Somersaults, crazy tricks or daring jumps are all possible on the Bungee Trampoline

The icing on the cake: A speedy ride with the Flying Fox back down towards solid ground. And if you’re up for it, you can start on the forest rope course’s next route right away!

X-Trees forest rope course (german).

X-Trees forest rope course Serfaus
6534 Serfaus

Climbing in and near Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Climbing wall, climbing rock or via ferrata: Test your climbing skills in and near Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis! The alpine mountains surrounding the Tyrolean Inntal valley provide perfect conditions for adventurous days “on the rocks”.

Via ferratas near Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis:

Via Ferratas "Quarzit Wand Burg Laudeck" - Ladis

General information

Test your climbing skills in Ladis! The rocks of crystalline slate, on which the Laudeck castle thrones spectacularly, provide perfect conditions for adventurous days “on the rocks”. The via ferratas “Quarzit Wand Burg Laudeck" offer three short but exciting routes for all fans of the climbing sport: „Via Claudia Augusta“ (blue), „Pons Laudes Steig“(red) und „Laudecksteig“(black). The routes range in difficulty from A to D. All routes end directly next to Gasthof Rauth-Hof. It is a perfect place to stop for a bite to eat or a drink and enjoy the stunning view after the ascent. Breath-taking views of the Inntal valley await all climbers. Furthermore, the view of the mountains on the opposite side of the valley, including the Berneck castle, and the Kaunertal valley is a thrilling sight for any climber.

Climbing routes  |  Illustration

Via Claudia Augusta (blue)

Various climbing elements such as wooden blanks, a climbing net and a shaky bridge directly at the rock wall turn the Via Claudia via ferrata into an interesting climbing experience. Its centrepiece is for sure the wooden bridge. It takes you a little will power to cross it. However, you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the Upper Inntal valley in Tyrol.

Even if the Via Claudia Augusta is the easiest one of the three routes, it is not quite that easy. A good head for heights is required for all routes. The via ferrata is ideal for all sporty families with older kids and climbing experience. Is this your first via ferrata? We recommend taking part in guided tours of our alpine schools.

Level of difficulty: A to B.

Pons Laudes Steig (red)

The second moderately difficult via ferrata is called Laudes Steig. It runs parallel to the first route and is a little trickier. You need a good level of fitness to master two steep sections (level of difficulty: C). In addition, it provides fewer climbing aids to step/ hold on. However, every climber is rewarded with stunning views of the Upper Inntal valley.

Level of difficulty: A to C.

Laudecksteig (black)

You need agility and muscle power already on the first few metres of this difficult via ferrata, which is the crux of this route.  After this section, climbers are again rewarded with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. Just before getting to the final section, where climbers have to make it across a shaky rope bridge, the route features an overhanging rock.

Level of difficulty: C to D.

Further Via Ferratas

  • Anton Renk via ferrata – Ried/Fendels 
  • Holderli Seppl via ferrata – Kaunertal valley 
  • Galugg via ferrata – Zams 
  • Imst via ferrata – Imst

Climbing walls in and near Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis:

  • Climbing tower at Mini&Maxi Club in Fiss
  • Big climbing gym in Imst

Climbing crag tips in Tyrol:

  • Rappenwand Family Climbing Crag: Near the St. Georgen hamlet below Serfaus, there’s a climbing crag with 19 different routes ranging in difficulty from II to VII. Great for families as well as sport climbers! 
  • Fuglersee climbing crag: Above the Furglersee lake at 2,600m above sea level, about 1.5 hours from the Kölnerhaus you can find 7 routes to climb.
  • Glockhäuser climbing crag: The Affenhimmel climbing crag near Starkenbach by Mils is considered one of the most beautiful crags in West Tyrol. 
  • Ardez-im-Engadin climbing crag: Located right at the bypass road of the picturesque village Ardez in the Lower Engadin, this climbing crag offers the perfect route for every taste – with varying levels of difficulty. 
  • Other climbing options can be found near Fiss, Klobenstein and Kalkschrofen at the Telfes

Rappenwand Family Climbing Crag.

Alpine schools

Climbing like the pros: The alpine schools in Serfaus and Fiss-Ladis show you how it’s done!
They offer exciting tours for all fans of the climbing sport. 

Alpinschule Fiss-Ladis
Christian Schlatter
Alpinschule Serfaus
Kurt Klinec
Climbing courses, via ferratas, climbing tours Climbing walls, via ferratas, climbing tours
Obere Dorfstraße 36
6533 Fiss
Im Schilti 1
6534 Serfaus
Tel. +43/5476/6674 Tel. +43/676/842927169

Canyoning and Rafting in Tyrol

Deep gorges, waterfalls, rock faces and incredible experiences – that’s canyoning. Together with a canyoning guide, fans of action-packed sports can explore the unique nature surrounding Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. You’ll hike down into gorges, jump into mountain streams and rivers, slide and lower yourself down rock faces on a rope – right into varied canyoning adventures! 

An outdoor experience that’ll put a joyful smile on your face: rafting in the mountains of Tyrol! Equipped with a paddle, neoprene suit, life vest and helmet, you get to go on a rafting tour through crystal-clear rivers. Always accompanied by: tons of fun and thrills! 

Certified and experienced rafting guides accompany you on a kids and family tour through calm waters. The minimum age is five. Tours for adults will lead you through the Tösner Schlucht, Sannaschlucht or Landecker Schlucht gorges. 
For additional information about canyoning and rafting, please contact: 

WhyNot Adventures
Stuben 9
6542 Pfunds
Tel. +43/5474/5481

H2O Adventure
Ried im Oberinntal 231
6531 Ried i. O.
Tel. +43/5472/6699

Paragliding adventures

You’re looking for a holiday highlight of the exceptional kind? Then you can hardly get around paragliding. Gently and silently, action-packed and laden with adrenaline or a leisurely tour of exploration over the mountains: In Tyrol, a lot is possible! Experience ultimate freedom – either alone or during a tandem flight – and enjoy stunning scenic views from a bird’s eye perspective! 

More info about paragliding can be found here:

Segway trekking in summer

Gently shift your weight forward and you’re well on your way to starting your amazing journey on two wheels through the mountains of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Tons of fun for the whole family! 

After a short introduction by your experienced Segway trekking guide, you’ll enter the training course in Fiss. It’s perfect for familiarising yourself with the “electric gadget”. Afterwards, visitors can venture out into the terrain during guided Segway trekking tours – over undulating forest roads, through shady forests and all the way to mountain huts with incredible scenic views. 

Discover Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in a new and special way – one that is effortless and impressive at the same time!

Segway Trekking Fiss (German).

Coolevents GmbH
Andi Tschuggmall
Oberer Trujenweg 8
6533 Fiss

Horseback riding and carriage rides

High up on horseback, you can explore dense forests, discover hidden ponds and ride along natural trails around the lake – that’s how you spend your holidays surrounded by nature. It’s basically a giant playground. Your faithful companion always at your service. 

From kids’ riding lessons to vaulting for beginners, riding in a group and private lessons – “Feriengut Darrehof” equestrian farm in Serfaus offers all that. For advanced or experienced riders, there is also jumping practice, galloping, day rides and lots more. At the equestrian farm, little as well as grown-up riding fans can enjoy their time to the fullest! 

Or how about a carriage ride through the mountains and valleys? Have a seat and get cosy! Accompanied by the sound of the bells and the gentle neighing of the horses, a carriage ride becomes an incredible experience for the whole family.

Haflingergestüt Darrehof
Dorfbahnstraße 50
6534 Serfaus

Model aircraft flying

Model aircraft pilots encounter perfect conditions up on the high plateau for letting their little treasures rise high up into the air. Be it at the Fisser Schönjoch airfield, on the Serfauser Feld or the Perdatscher Bichl – all flying sites can be easily reached by car or cable car. 

Model aircraft flying (german).

Please keep in mind the following flight rules:

  • Flying model aircrafts is only permitted at the designated areas. Contraventions will be reported to the police and penalised with a disciplinary fine. 
  • People who fly these types of aircraft must have valid liability insurance. 
  • Model aircraft flights are only allowed for gliding and electric aircrafts with a take-off weight of maximum 20 kilogrammes. 
  • During hay harvesting season, it is strictly prohibited to fly over the people working on the meadows. 
  • Parking your vehicle on the meadows is not allowed. 

Event tip: The “Flying Circus” model aircraft festival takes place annually in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Find out more about it here



The 3 D archery course boosts 14 targets along a marked circular route. Partly gradients through sparse forest. (one-way street).
Due to various levels of difficulties, the course is great for both beginners and advanced.
This kind of sport demands a good body sensation and also the skill to turn your back on the daily bustle and enjoy exercising in nature.


  adults kids*
Course with archery €11.00 €9.00
Archery hire set (what’s included: 1 bow, 3 arrows, protective finger and arm guards, quiver) €11.00 €11.00
Loss of arrow or damaged €6.00 €6.00
Arrow head or arrow nock €1.00 €1.00

 *kids aged from 8 MUST be accompanied by an adult


Archery for the whole family.
Duration: approx. 1 ½ to 2 hours

The workshop covers:

  • ½ hour professional introduction (safety remarks, rules at the course, use of the archery gear, etc. included)
  • Shooting at practice area, then approx. 1 hour training together at the 3D course.


  • Kids, archery hire set included €12.00 
  • Adults, archery hire set included €15.00

Reservation required.


In the summer open from Sunday until Friday  (from June until October)! Saturday closed. 

  • First start time: 10.30am
  • Last start time: 6pm

You can also explore the course outside of the opening times with your own equipment. Payment at the parcours cash station. Reservation required!

Archery (german)