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Ascherhütte via Urgjoch – Kübelgrubenscharte

Starting point: Komperdelltop station
Character: mountain tour, a few snowfields must be crossed, sometimes even in summer
Walking time: 5 hours

Description: From the Komperdell top station (S201) on trail no. 21 (Weitwanderweg trail 702) to the signpost (S208). On trail no. 22 ascend to the Unteren Glockhäuser (small lake, S261), as the large gully is called in local dialect. Exit from the gully in steep curves to the Urgjoch (2,759 m, S271). From the Urgjoch, northwestwards over snowfields which are even dangerous in summertime to the Kübelgrubenscharte (S273), then descend into the Kübelgrubengrund, continue to the Ascherhütte. At the signpost (S276) ascend to the Rotpleiskopf (2,936 m) possible (1 hour).


sports Hiking tour
difficulty hard
distance 7 km
duration 5h
altitude 928m
highest point 2804m
start Komperdell top station
endpoint Ascherhütte
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