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Bödenkreuzweg trail to the Komperdell (Komperdellmarsch)

Starting point: Mühlbrücke bridge
Character: vehicle track and path through a shady forest
Walking time: 2½ hours

Description: Starting in Serfaus (S089, Mühlbrücke bridge), take the steep, asphalted road no. 11 towards Komperdell (Kölner Haus) until you reach the cattle gate (S092). From there, take trail no. 12 and then the Six Senses Trail until you reach the signpost S141. Continue on this trail and walk past Bödenkreuz until you reach a wide road (S130). Follow the trail no. 12 through the Brunstwald forest as far as signpost S128. Option: you can also take a trail partly below the road to reach the signpost. Continue on trail no. 12 to Außerhög and then walk all the way to Erlebnispark Hög (Hög Adventure Park). Take trail no 12a, walk past Hög Alm restaurant until the trail leads you to the turn-off S115. Follow the trail uphill to Oberer Komperellboden until you reach the turn-off S114. Continue on the Piratenweg (Pirates’ Trail) in westerly direction to signpost S102 at Murmliwasser park. You can reach Serfaus by taking Wiesenweg trail no. 9.


sports Mountain tour
distance 6.82 km
duration 2.5h
altitude 669m
highest point 1977m
start Mühlbrücke bridge (Planq. B4)
endpoint Komperdell
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