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Brunnenkopfsteig trail (Vorderer Brunnenkopf – 2,685 m)

Starting point: Komperdellbahn top station
Character: mountain tour on a steep trail
Walking time: 2½ hours

Description: Go on the Quellensteig (Source Trail) no. 20 to the crossing (S243). Turn left and head upwards on trail no. 20a to the Fisser Waal (S244, ruins of a water moat). The trail continues in many serpentines, past a wrought iron crucifix to the Vorderer Brunnenkopf (S255).


sports Hiking tour
difficulty medium
distance 3.38 km
duration 2.5h
altitude 712m
highest point 2658m
start Komperdell top station
endpoint Vorderer Brunnenkopf
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