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Fiss – Klobenstein – Langenweg – Wiesenweg – Fiss

Starting point: Latschthayaweg trail 
Character: This is a beautiful and easy hike through the meadows near the village and provides splendid views.
Walking time: 1½ hours

Description: Hike on trail no. 3 (F008) until shortly after the Klobenstein (F005), this is where the Langenweg trail from Ladis leads into. Go down to the right on this trail until the second curve (F004) then turn right on the connecting trail to the Wiesenweg trail and Fiss (F003).


sports Mountain tour
distance 3.6 km
duration 1.5h
altitude 116m
highest point 1476m
start Latschthayaweg
endpoint Fiss
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