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Fiss - Rabuschl - Frommes Alp - Fiss

Starting point: Sägegasse (grid square E2)
Walking time: 2½ hours

Description: An easy hike through the forests of Fiss with a nice stopover place. Take Fiss trail no. 4 to the children’s playground at the Rabuschl (F025), then go left, ascending slightly (F050) through the Schlosswald forest to the big crossing (F053) and to the Frommes Alp (F055). For the return, take forest trail no. 5, which gradually descends all the way back to Fiss.


sports Hiking tour
distance 7.09 km
duration 2.5h
altitude 306m
highest point 1751m
start Sägegasse in Fiss
endpoint Sägegasse in Fiss
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