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Fiss - Rabuschl – Schöngampalm/Urgtal valley (Fisser Almweg trail)

Starting point: Sägegasse 
Walking time: 3½ hours

Description: From the village (F010) slightly steep to begin with, up to the timber depot (F014) and the Spielleitenegg (F020). The trail now gets flatter. Continue to follow the trail no. 4 through the forest to the Rabuschl (F025, Hubertushütte). In Rabuschl is a small children’s playground with a pond and a barbecue spot. From the Rabuschl, the trail is flat and wends its way through shady forest to the Lahnstrich and the Lasur, with just one easy ascent of about 1 km. Continue on to the Maisbach brook, past forest clearings to the game feeding stations and over a short final ascent up to the Schöngampalm (F039). Shortly before, the trail turns off into the beautiful landscape of the Urgtal valley (F038). The Schöngampalm is open for snacks and beverages, both summer and winter. For the return, take the trail to the Fisser Joch (via F041) or the
descent to Hochgallmigg or Ladis.


sports Hiking tour
distance 11.7 km
duration 3.5h
altitude 711m
highest point 1872m
start Sägegasse in Fiss
endpoint Schöngampalm
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