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Fiss – Schöngampalm – Alpenrosensteig path – Frommes – Fiss

Starting point: Sägegasse 
Walking time: 7 hours

Description: Take the Fisser Almweg trail no. 4 (F010) to the Schöngampalm (F039), continue to ascend past the Zirbenhütte (F041), on the Alpenrosensteig path no. 26 (F043) to the Frommessattel (F073), via trail no. 5 to the Frommeskreuz (F071) and return to Fiss (F010). This roundabout trail is also recommended in the reverse direction.


sports Mountain tour
difficulty medium
distance 22.7 km
duration 7h
altitude 1068m
highest point 2241m
start Sägegasse in Fiss
endpoint Fiss
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