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Fisser Joch – Frommes – Kuhalm – Fiss

Starting point: Schönjochbahn top station
Walking time: 4 hours

Description: Take the Schönjochbahn cable car to the Fisser Joch (F087), then go to the Schönjöchl (F079) and via Frommes trail no. 5 (F072) to the Frommeshütte (F066/067). Continue to Fiss on the trail no. 15 to the Gample (F065) and turn left to the vehicle track no. 10 (F057). Turn right and stay on the vehicle track to a big crossing (F059). Go left and get in approx. 10 min. to the Kuh Alm (F121). Descend to Fiss on the vehicle track no. 9 or the Waalsteig trail no. 8.


sports Hiking tour
distance 11.5 km
duration 4h
altitude 151m
highest point 2483m
start Schönjochbahn top station
endpoint Schönjochbahn top station
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