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Gample-Rundweg (circular hiking trail)

Starting point: Schönjochbahn valley terminal 
Character: This beautiful roundabout trail leads across meadows and through forests above the village, covering about 400 meters of altitude. It is entirely a forest trail and can be walked in both directions.
Walking time: 3 hours, to Gample 1½ hours

Description: At the Schönjochbahn (F129) take the small vehicle track to the Lahnewald forest (F118), then go right to the Kuhalm (F121). Now go straight ahead on the main trail to the second serpentine (F059), then go up to the right to the Gample (F057). The descent leads down through the forest to the Obsteinsboden (fine views) and to the Fisser Almweg trail no. 4, on which we return to Fiss. Shortly after the 3rd serpentine, the Tierlehrweg (F056, Animal Theme Path) turns off to the left over the Windles meadows as a connection to the Frommes Alp (F055).


sports Hiking tour
distance 8.62 km
duration 3h
altitude 475m
highest point 1874m
start Schönjochbahn valley station
endpoint Fiss
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