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Goldener-Mann-Weg (Golden Man Trail)

Once upon a time a powerful giant known as the "Golden Man" stroke terror into people`s hearts. After several years, he retired from causing mischief and grew together with the Fiss mountains. But legend had it that deep down in the ground, the heart could be found. So, night after night, a number of greedy little gnomes kept fervently looking for it. To put an end to the workings of these shrewd little being, the shepherds of Fiss joined forces against them. Join them on their mission to stop the greedy gnomes and defeat the evil dwarfs with the knowledge of nature. From the Children's Mine in Fiss on the Schönjoch, eleven educational stops lead kids to finish line over mountain trails and shaky bridges, play stations and climbing courses. 


sports Hiking tour, Thematic route
distance 0.93 km
duration 0.5h
altitude 160m
start Kinder-Bergwerk am Schönjoch
endpoint Bergstation der Almbahn
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