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Obladis-Herrenweg trail-Wode tower

Starting point: Obladis, serpentine northeast of forest café 
Charakter: The Promenadenweg (Promenade Trail) from Obladis to Neuegg or to the Schöne Aussicht was initially laid out as a hiking trail for aristocratic guests (“lords”) of the Kurhotel of Obladis. It runs rather flatly along the wooded mountain slope. On both ends of the trail, you can stop for a snack.
Walking time: 1 hour

Description: At the last serpentine before Café Obladis (L063) a short trail leads to a small campsite in the forest (L021). This is where the Herrenweg trail begins and leads along the same level towards the north, turn halfway right down on the road (L024) to Neuegg and past the Wodebad pond (L025) to the Wodeturm tower (L030). On trail no. 1 you will reach café Neuegg in approx. 10 min.


sports Mountain tour
distance 3.1 km
duration 1h
altitude 122m
highest point 1489m
start Obladis
endpoint Wodeturm
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