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Hexenkopf (3.035 m)

Starting point: Lazidtop station
Character: high alpine mountain tour with medium difficult climbing segments
Walking time: 2 hours

Description: From the Lazidbahn top station (S301) over the Böderköpfe or on the vehicle track to the Scheid (S217). Just behind the Scheid at the signpost (S219) turn onto trail 26. Stay on the right side of the mountain,
ascending slightly over some scree fields to the Arrezjoch (S228). From the Arrezjoch on the vehicle track to the Arrezjochbahn top station and further on trail no. 26 you reach the Masnerjoch (S239) in 1/2 hour. First go westwards over boulders, later on northwestwards to the Ostgrat (east ridge) and on to the first summit. First traverse this (for experienced hikers only) and later cross a gully going northwards, descend somewhat to the saddle point between the first and the main summit. From here, steeply upwards to the summit cross (S242). Variant: Starting point Hexenseehütte – Hexensattel (S235) – south ridge Hexenkopf (medium difficult climbing).


sports Hiking tour
difficulty hard
distance 7.66 km
duration 4.5h
altitude 840m
highest point 2987m
start Lazid top station
endpoint Hexenkopf
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