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Hexenweg (The Witches' Trail)

Starting point: Steinegg - Schönjochbahn midway station
Character: Fairies, elves and witches have always resided up here on the high plateau Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. This theme path devotes itself to the deeds and misdeeds of the witches.
Description: From the midway sation (F061) you hike through the forest in the direction of the Kuhalm (F121) and discover numerous stations of witch’s magic: a hat and bat are hanging from a tree, the owl gives you a puzzle to solve, a tree transmutes into a mystical form, witch’s brooms fly through the treetops and at the end of the path there is a witch’s cottage (F123) to explore.


sports Hiking tour, Thematic route
distance 3.01 km
duration 1.25h
altitude 22m
highest point 1906m
start Steinegg
endpoint Fiss
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