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Höhensteig,Möseralm - Steinegg-Frommeshütte

Starting point: Möseralm 
Character: This high alpine trail runs through beautiful landscapes above the village and along the high pastures and the crown of the forest. It is mostly flat and reveals beautiful views of Fiss and the surrounding mountains.
Walking time: 2 hours

Description: From the Möseralm (F113) continue over the slightly ascending trail to the Steinegg (F061, 20 mins.), then go up the vehicle track to the second serpentine and turn right (F062). Go about 200 meters over alpine pastures to the crossing (F063). Follow the flat trail on the right, you walk along the newly planted sections of the forest and over the Rotschrofenboden to the crossing with trail no. 7 (F064) above Gample (F065). Here you can ascend to the Kuhalm (F121) and back to Fiss (F010). Continuing, the views get better and better, and without much altitude difference through alpine pastures and young forest to the Frommeshütte
(F066/067). Here you can either hike up to the Frommeskreuz (F071) or hike back to Fiss via Windles and the Frommes Alp (F055).


sports Hiking tour
distance 4.42 km
duration 2h
altitude 262m
highest point 2006m
start Möseralm
endpoint Frommeshütte
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