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Komperdell Tour 761

The Komperdell Tour is a bit of an appetiser, but it’s a beautiful tour with fantastic views of Serfaus.

The bike trail takes you from the bike park to Serfaus (S010) and through the village to the St. Zeno area (S162). This is where the climb with a gradient up to 20% begins, first on asphalt, then on gravel. Follow the bike trail as far as the third bend (S097) where you can shorten the tour by following the bike trail. If you want to do the full tour, keep left and via the Bödenkreuz to Hög (S119) and continue on the bike trail to the Komperdellalpe past the Murmli Water. You then come to the Alpkopf, the highest point of the tour. To descend, head down the same trail you came up, turn left at signpost S100, go past the Leithe Wirt Restaurant on the Bifangweg 9 as far as the signpost (S030). Go straight on and there’s a short section where you have to push your bike. For experienced bikers there’s a short trail section to the forest path where you keep left and coast down to the bike park.

Tip: The downhill from Alpkopf is also possible via the Alpkopftrail (S0) and Högtrail (S1). The trails are a great practice trails for beginners looking to build experience. However, the trails also set the pulses of experienced bikers racing as the trail is quite flowing and offers waves for jumping.


sports Mountainbike tour
difficulty medium
distance 17.4 km
altitude 650m
highest point 2022m
start Fiss Bike Park
endpoint Fiss Bike Park
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