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Ladis – Falterjöchl – Fiss or Obladis

Starting point: community hall at village centre (grid square E3)
Character: Small ascend at the beginning, then easy through the moun- tainside, partly through the forest and partly through fields.
Walking time: 1,5 hours

Description: At the community hall (L006) follow the Razilweg trail on the left side until you reach the edge of the town. Follow the main track to the Weiberkessl. At the curve turn to the right (L001), a trail leads you over the Ochsenleite and a flat field right to the crossing in the Edlachwald forest (F006a). Walk down on the right side (L017) on the trail no. 3 to the Villa (L016) and to Obladis (L065, Café – Sauerbrunnquelle). On the left side the trail no. 3 (F006a) leads you up to the Falterjöchl (F006), a wonderful look out and resting place with an enjoyment station. At the Falterjöchl walk flat through the fields until you reach Fiss (F008).

Roundabout trails
Trail no. 3 leads over the slope above Ladis and connects Fiss with Obladis and Neuegg. From Ladis, several trails all merge into trail no. 3. For example: ascend via Wasserwandersteig (see Theme Paths) to the Villa (L016), from there walk to the sulphur springs and to Obladis (L065), continue on the Promenadenweg (Promenade Trail) no. 3 to Wodeturm tower (L030). Descend to Neuegg, then either on the vehicle track (trail no. 1) direct or on trail no. 32 via Asterhöfe (L051) and Greitweg trail back to Ladis. Total walking time: approx. 3 1/4 and/or 3 3/4 hours. Ascend on forest track no. 5 to Obladis (L065), continue on the trail no. 3 to the sulphur springs and Villa (L016) to the crossing in Edlachwald forest (F006a). Turn left onto the Faltriweg trail no. 34 back down to Ladis. Total walking time: 2 hours.


sports Hiking tour
distance 4.82 km
duration 1.5h
altitude 301m
highest point 1486m
start Gemeindehaus Ladis
endpoint Fiss
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