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Laudeck Sauerbrunn Rundsteig (Laudeck Sauerbrunn circular hiking trail)

Starting point: Schlossweiher pond (grid square F4)
Walking time: 2,5 hours

Description: From the Castle Path towards Laudeck Castle and then continuing to the right at the end of the Castle Pond. The descending “Muggalsteig” trail features a unique view of Laudeck Castle towards Prutz. The Sauerbrunn Spring is located left towards the campsite. (One of the most famous and oldest Tyrolean mineral springs. Water from Obladis was already delivered to the court at Innsbruck as far back as the 16th century. Nobles from Switzerland as well as from the surrounding area of Bavaria visited Obladis to regain their health through the water). Past the campsite, take the first turnoff left towards the Asterhof mountains. Take a left on the dirt track just before the last house “Waldheim” and follow the “Panzerweg” trail back to the starting point:
the Ladis Castle Lake.


sports Hiking tour
difficulty medium
distance 4.27 km
duration 2.5h
altitude 322m
start Lader Schlossweiher
endpoint Lader Schlossweiher
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