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Starting point: Lazidbahn mountain terminal or Komperdellbahn midway station
Character: Hundreds of marmots live here. This is typical marmot area. Through information boards, you learn more about their dens, their life, their usefulness. You will see young marmots – the “little monkeys” – running across the path like scampering balls of yarn. You can observe the lonely “guards” and hear their warning whistles.
Walking time: approx.3 hours

Description: From the mountain station of the Lazidbahn (S301) first on the wide road to the Scheid (S217). From the WW (S218) behind the lift station on the Murmeltiersteig 25a, via Kitzköpfl to Furglersee (S211). From Furglersee follow the long-distance trail 702 (Steig 21), cross the Malfristwiesen meadows to Komperdell (Kölner Haus).


sports Hiking tour, Thematic route
difficulty medium
distance 6.92 km
duration 3h
altitude 302m
highest point 2481m
start Lazid
endpoint Komperdell
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